Keeping in mind Coach Pete's philosophy of the most important game is the next one I thought it condign to offer my thoughts, in no particular order of importance, on Monday's game. Pete won't look back EXCEPT to inform the present in preparation for the future; we've got more latitude. And our attitude in this latitude is to LUXURIATE in the warm afterglow of an incredible (yet again) Bronco experience. Read, talk amongst yourselves and comment; I count  comments and if I dont get a lot I get depressed and go to bed before 7 p. m.(my own don't count).

1) McClellin is fast, intense, malevolent. His facemask shoud be inscribed: "WARNING: OBJECT IN YOUR FACE IS CLOSER THAN HE APPEARS".

2) Not to denigrate anyone's efforts in what was a team success, but the D-line won the game. McC, 'Swyck, Baker, Winn, Atkinson, Nisby, Crawford, T-n-T, plus Lord Byron #94. Prior to the game I concluded that it was all about the VT run; if they could do it, we were toast.  I've watched game 3 times now and our D-line did the 2 essential things very well-stopped VT RBs, and get pressure with 4 (and the Lord). On VTs last-gasp pass I can't make out who it is but someone gut-slams Taylor right at release, which had to affect throw, which allowed DB to play it. That went on all night; our secondary was substantially aided by the pressure the  4 got (and the announcers pointed this out).

3) D-line; announcers even noted that VT COULD NOT ram it down our throats. 'Nuff said.

4) Crawford needs time to get scheme down, but he's a Natural Born Killer. He kept up with Taylor; didnt get him, but Taylor couldn't turn way he wanted. 275 lbs-yeah, I'll take it. TONTO SAYS: HIM GOT GAME. Jarrell needs to dial down his emotions a little; he overplayed a couple of times and it hurt us.

5) Both teams were playing BCS game on opening night. (I know not original, but lost in translation-keep this in mind re: perspective). 

6) Acrey, our best all-around LB IMO, didnt play. Robinson is NOT second tier safety; he didnt play and when he does he'll up our game. Mackey, also NOT second tier LB, will return in 2 games. POINT: that was not our best D team out there. If those who played Monday stay healthy, when these guys return-well, I'll let TONTO tell it: ME LIKE.

7).Our O-line revolving door turns out, at least Monday, to be blessing. When Slater came in to replace Myers, the line was like "hey 'cuz what it is!?" (street use of "cuz" not confined to actual relatives apparently). Played very well; no  mistakes and pass blocking was perfect. We ran left mostly after he came in but don't see any disparagement of him in that.

8) "YOUR FATHER", the VT troll who I am informed is not a "blogger" but a "commenter" (WT(bw)), made mention of the redoubtable blocking skills of VT fullbacks. Well DAD, meet Dan Paul, winner of Munson's "IF You Don't Know Me By Now" You Will Award. Excellent blocker and yes, Virginia, he's got hands-you didnt feel them, but others will. TONTO:HMMPFPH! (translation:emphatic yes)

9) Mitch played well. As noted elsewhere, not a deep threat, but if he stays consistent on square outs etc we'll work him in. I sensed VT responded to his 5 yarder on last drive, noting we could "walk" it down and it affected their coverage. He showed the discretion we'll never see from Titus on punts-and that's a good thing. TY is great for kickoffs; Mitch looks to be the dog's eyelash on punts, steady to catch, ready to run-and smart enough to know when  to fair catch.

10) I said D-line did 2 essential things well; the final thing, contain Taylor-well, they did it well enough IMO. You can debate. Pete said there really is no way to prep for scrambling; "spying" has its own problems.

11) VT kept eye on Efaw; we'll see if others do/can.

12) BRONCO NATION,at home and "abroad", deserves props. 12k, running around D.C. (not in travel vans a la Okla.), this was noted and augers good things for future. At "home"- 6.8 share on tv. This will be remembered by media wonks, half of whom know football and half wouldnt' know a football it they excreted one out their (bw) (a not impossible potentiality for reasons I will not explicate here)

13) Linehan/Koch next Gallarda/Efaw.

14) Kevan used "penultimate" again today; only on OBNUG! (that and "condign"-OBNUG specials) 


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