Some in their readership were a little put off that I paraphrased Uncle Dolph's title on my last gazetta. Hey, I didn't say I wanted to marry the guy (can you imagine how (bw) he'd get even HEARING about gay marriage? 'Course the head of his 3 million strong SA, Ernst Rohm, was notoriously gay-but not the marrying kind). Plus a lot of you aren't aware of Al's other side; for example, did you know he did a mean-(BW) polka, and this from a guy who hated Poles? Don't believe me? Google the signing of the surrender of France 1940. Hitler comes in and-bam!- he'a busta' muhve y'all!

So give me a break. You know how hard Your Humble Correspondent (ref "A Clockwork Orange") works for you. Here, again, are my observations, arranged in no particular order, coming, as it were, in their own good time, like the Ghost of Xmas Future (ref-you know), or like farts.

*) Tommie Smith: of all the alleged breakdowns cheap-shots etc that have been documented ad nauseum, the one thing that bothered me most was watching Tommie engaged in "conversation" with Coach Pete on the sideline. I'll confess I dont know what Tommie did and I've watched game cover to cover with replay twice. Regardless; Tommie appears to offer some form of contradiction, and I hope I misunderstand or misinterpret this for his sake. I have no doubt Coach Pete will not let any player challenge, appear to challenge, appear like he might think he could appear to challenge,  look like he might think he might be able to think he could challenge Coach Pete. Worrying about Coach Pete's control of his team is like worrying about dwarfism in King Kong's family. I hope Pete does not feel compelled to send a message-I think highly of Tommie's ability to contribute. Capiche?

*) Gavins: replay shows him to be a real gut-buster, both his and the opposing QB. The ass-over-teacup into Katz was only one of several good plays from this guy who I've dubbed El Quattro ("The 4"- for those of you who are completely off the cultural grid). TONTO SAYS: him got game.(thanks Tonto; we've missed you. TONTO:(no response)) 

*) DBs: I'd say they did good. Katz climbed out of the pocket to make some completions but hey. Overall I didn't see any real glaring areas of concern.

*) Defense: related to above, our D-line is sick. Best ever. Like Paris Hilton's intrauterine coil, strong, responsive and deep.

*) O-line: is gelling like Rob Akey's moustache wax. I'm not going to say it's all the way there, "but (BW) it's close!" (ref Robert Redford at the end of "The Sting" immediately  following the "sting", responding to Newman's earlier remark that no matter how good the ripoff (60's term) is it will never be good enough);  ((BW) is ultimate expletive, assuming you cultural-non-grids are still here) 

*) Shooby-dooby-do: Shoemaker has arrived and Broncos should all applaud another local kid who fits the Bronco mold. I don't think he was recruited at all; he's now a bona fide Div I starting receiver on a top team.

*) DJ, we hardly knew ya': What can I say? What can be said? Some things are just head-shakers, tear-pullers. This is one. Better hands than mine will have to write it.

Other than that, I think everything else I could say has been covered, and better, by the NUGies. It's time for sauerkraut, bratwurst, and maybe a little goose-stepping with the Mrs. Did I mention she's German? German women make great wives if you remember 3 things, always: 1) if she says "honey, would you mind checking the oven?", keep one hand firmly, tightly gripped on the outside (one hand for the oven , one hand for you!); 2) never, NEVER run out of soap; and 3) if she says she wants new lampshades, for GOD'S SAKE get her new lampshades!!!!

Auf Wiedersehen!   

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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