Where is Boise headed?


Guys this was a reply to a discussion going on in the Obnug Tailgate Hype Video fanpost comments section. Read through those comments if you want a more detailed understanding.


Briefly; the original opinion stated was a desire for Boise to remain different from the rest of the Big Programs which I think most of us can agree with. Namely, it is strongly desired to avoid the media hoopla, the over adulation, and the arrogant attitude of presumptuous Big Program Fans who refuse to look at logic and just want to tout the company line all day long as if it were a valid argument. "SEC Fans" were pointed out as the primary example of what not to become and I think we can all agree we would like to retain our current Counter Culture identity.

My concern is that quite a bit of that stuff we don't like is an inevitability of anything that is highly successful on a long term basis. I cannot name a Big Program fanbase that hasn't written us off if asked about it directly or is about to face us on the field. That's 100% coverage and, imo at least, the absolute definition of an inevitability.

Comments and opinions highly encouraged...discussions like these could help flesh out a path for the coming months and a better understanding of the frenzy that is encircling Boise St. football right now since it's mostly the diehards on this forum (of which I do not count myself as one yet. I am new and this team belongs to you all, I recognize that and feel very privileged to be able to enjoy the evolution of Bronco football with all of you) :) 

Lastly, I tried to get something for everyone in the Poll and how the choices were worded. If I didn't get yours or you feel I completely misrepresented your view point then I am sincerely sorry, I tried to cover all the main bases. Please utilize the comments section to better represent your argument. 

I'm very interested in what you all think and hope we have an active thread here that people are genuinely interested in. Take care all :D

Well, I don't think it's a few fans

I think a lot of the big program fans are that way. But there are also a lot of big program fans that are not like that, it’s just we don’t hear from them much b/c they don’t talk. In fact, I have seen quite a few fans of larger programs voice their support for Boise St. and their dissatisfaction with the current BCS system.

My thought process was more along the lines of what comes down the road from here. Imagine 10-15 years from now and assume consistent BSU success for the sake of argument. BSU will likely be a larger school w/ better scholastic ratings, bigger athletics department, more students, larger stadium and campus, much larger budget, and may very well be a part of the PAC 10.

As success breeds national notoriety the fanbase grows exponentially, first in the regional area, then throughout the west, and eventually nationwide. IMO, it stands to reason that a lot of those fans will be attracted b/c of the success. Some of them will be ppl who have loyalty streaks and some of them will be band wagoners who don’t. Regardless, all of them will have character traits.

BSU doesn’t have a lot of obnoxious fans right now but it’s not because they don’t exist. It’s the position the team is in. It’s hard to be cocky and obnoxious when your team is the one with something to prove in the eyes of most everyone else. I don’t think when Bobby Bowden and Howard Schnellenberger were boxing each other to bring in fans to watch FSU vs Miami that either fanbase could be called obnoxious.

But after Jimmy Johnson dominated the 80s with his brash Hurricanes teams, Miami fans became some of the absolute worst fans to be around int he entire country. That didn’t happen overnight…the people were already in place, they just needed success to reveal who they really were. Same with FSU after their dominance in the 90s. And now you can see the whole thing come full circle. Both fanbases love to toss out reminders of past glory but not many of them talk smack like they once did. But those same ppl aren’t gone, they’re just waiting for their teams to get good again.

So my thought remains that no one is immune. It’s the people, not the team. I’m reminded of that line from Batman, "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the monster". I just don’t think large scale success can exist, along w/ the inevitable large scale fanbase, without inheriting quite a few of those flaws we see in all the big programs. Probably the best realistic scenario is that our team reflects the coach’s personality…which is without a doubt blue collar and low key. That said, Frank Beamer and his Virginia Tech Hokies are one of the most blue collar teams in America and their fans were absolutely full of themselves and very asuming that they would run us over in the weeks leading up to the game. What about Ohio State, can you get any more button down than Jim Tressel? And yet their fanbase is one of the most consistently illogical in the nation. (Ohio St. part just now added) 

Clearly, that was a huge post but I hope I have been able to lay out what I see as an inevitability if this Bronco team is to continue getting better. For my part, and if I am right about the inevitability of a larger media circus and potentially obnoxious fans, I would take the good with the bad rather than install a ceiling of mediocrity. But if there is any way Petersen can continue to build this program, expand the budget, draw better recruits, and become a mainstay in major bowls with a realistic shot at National Championships each subsequent year without all the accompanying hoopla and obnoxiousness then I would be all for that too…I just don’t think it’s possible right now.

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