I was a bit more harsh than usual but...

I read this article, which was a good one imo.


Then, I saw this comment, which broke my last thread of patience...



coverup41 9-19-2010 7:06PM

Wyoming had a teammate die two weeks ago . When they played Texas , their opponent put the game away early and went to the bench . There was no attempt to humiliate an already beaten team , unlike Boise State , who thinks that beating up on weak teams will make them look better . I wonder if Boise had enough class to call Nevada and thank them for the gift that they gave them by beating California , and in doing so , raising their strength of schedule .


I actually don't think it posted but does this write up of mine make sense to everyone else or am I off my rocker here? I ask b/c I keep seeing the same arguments and they are awful arguments imo....


Yeah lol; the rhetoric u dipsh*ts spew is phenomenal. Watch 8 mile again, the part where Em is telling his opponent "you're saying the same sh*t he said", that's u genius. 

Texas didn't bench their players early! They were trying their a$$es off to obliterate Wyoming, the week of Narcisse's death I might add, so they could jump BSU in the polls. BSU entered the Wy game needing to assassinate Texas in every statistical category b/c the coaches had brought Texas to w/in 16 pts of BSU's #3 ranking. 

Yes, BSU has a relatively easy schedule. So effin what; that doesn't mean they can't get on the field and give ur favorite team a run for their money if not outright beat them down. 

Every year there seems to be a new myth and a new complaint against BSU, usually unfounded and/or uninformed. Remember when USF was ranked #1 for a while? No one freaked out then and I think it's b/c USF wasn't a bona fide threat. Ppl are flipping a lid over BSU b/c they could legitimately whack a lot of teams like a red headed stepchild and the fans are in a panic. BSU is in a take all comers mode right now, few ppl are taking them. 

The thing that's messed up is the AQ element of the BCS. Does anyone really think West Virginia or whoever wins the Big East deserves an auto bid to a major bowl...wrong answer! Hell, I'd put $$$ on Boise to beat any team from the ACC @ their place that you wanted to name. And SoS!? Where do we draw the line on that one? Lets just make it simple and have the SEC championship decide the NC then...everyone else can play for 2nd place. Hell, we can make it retroactive and strip all the NC trophies from teams like the Sooners, Trojans, Seminoles, Longhorns, and Hurricanes and just flip a coin between Bama and UF. 

Who a team plays throughout the year has zero bearing on whether they can beat Team X or not and a NC game, or any football game at all for that matter, is about Team A vs. Team B. That is how it's always been. The conferences didn't always exist, they were formed for a reason and most of those reasons have nothing to do with football. The payoff for being in a conference is exposure, scholastic credibility, recruiting, and most importantly...$$$.

BSU, as of right now, is the target of unbridled hate, unfounded accusations, and just plain ugly's shameful. Decades ago, a lot of people fought long and hard battles to bring justice and fair play to the gridiron, to make an even playing field for everyone...we are taking steps backwards people.    


I'll be honest; I'm a little disappointed in myself for losing self control and allowing the colorful language. IMO it only helps to undermine my retort's credibility. But, that's what I wrote and I didn't want to lie about that or anything.

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