Games to Watch: Week 4

I hope you enjoyed last weeks meat, because this week is pretty pathetic, minus 2-3 really good games. What's even worse is that most of the game that are worth watching in regards to Boise State fans are not watchable without PPV or illegal streams. I will make this short for that point, and also for the fact that I had my cat for 10 years put down today. I know it's not all manly to put that on a football blog, but it was like losing a family member. Here we go with some games to watch (well, if you aren't in downtown Boise all day Saturday, anyway).

Fun fact.  The Big 10 plays 8 MAC teams and 2 FCS teams this week.  And they complain about our strength of schedule.

Friday, September 24

6:00 PM - ESPN - No. 4 TCU at Southern Methodist

I admire TCU. I don't like them being ranked as high as they are, but I still admire them. And all SMu means to me is June Jones and the ghost of Craig James past. TCU is favored by a lot, and rightly so. But SMU can score mostly against anybody. TCU 52 - SMU 28

Saturday, September 25

10:00 AM - PPV/Streaming - Virginia Tech at Boston College

We finally get a chance to see who Virginia Tech really is. A team that can fullly bounce back from a beatdown Boise State put on them that lasted 6 quarters, or waddle their way into ACC oblivion. They lost Ryan Matthews* Williams last week, but my wishful thinking has them coming on top of a BC team that hasn't played anyone. VT 32 - BC 13

If you're interested, because I'm not:

12:00 PM - Streaming only - Air Force at Wyoming Is Air Force the real deal after claiming vicotry over a bad BYU team and having to come back in teh 4th Q vs. OU to make it interesting? This game will also tell us who Wyoming really is. They've only scored 13 points in the past two games, but that was against 2 top 7 teams. You can't blame them for dropping either one, but what will they have left in the tank after Boise got finished with them? Luckily they won't be sleeping on their next opponent *cough* Virginia Tech *cough* AF 28 - Wyo 17

1:30 PM - CBS - No. 1 Alabama at No. 10 Arkansas

Boo for Arkansas that should have lost last week to make the Boies State/Oregon State the game of the week. As it is, though, this is the #1 big game to watch for the weekend. I will have checked out of the hotel by this time, so I'll have to find it on someone's TV near Bronco Stadium.  I really want Alabama to win, but you probably already know this.  My theory is that any team that isn't an SEC team that Boise plays in the Mythical National Championship (provided the abyssal longshot we get there, which i still don't believe we will), there will be an excuse as to why we won a title that year.  I we're going to get in, I want it all.  I want it against the best.  'Bama 32 - Ark 28

If you're interested, because I'm not:

1:30 PM - ABC* - UCLA at No. 7 Texas If you're willing to hold out that this might be an upset, go ahead. But I don't think you should put your ulcers on notice for this game. Texas 32 - UCLA 6

1:30 PM - NBC - No. 16 Stanford at Notre Dame I'll give the Irish one thing, they make for some very watchable games. I'm still happy they're losing, of course, but they really do make things interesting against not-so-great opponents. However, that will stop today. Andrew Luck will pass and run all over ND. Stanford 38 - ND 21

2:00 PM - Streaming only - Idaho at Colorado State No clue why you would want to watch this. dUI 38 - CSU 17

4:00 PM - Streaming only - Nevada at Brigham Young

BYU is reeling. They finally chose on one QB, but only because the other option is having season ending shoulder surgery. The problem with BYU is that they still have no defense. BYU cancelled (bought out) their game in Nevada 1-2 years ago, but they would never cancel a home game. I'm not a Kaepernick fan, Cal really stinks, but I think he'll have a lot more fun against BYU "than Jake Locker did". UNR 45 - BYU 20

5:30 PM - PPV/Streaming - Fresno State at Mississippi

Remember the beat down Fresno put on Cincinatti? Well, it turns out Cincinatti sucks. Utah is feeling the same realization watching Pitt play. The Nutt lead [insert mascot here]'s got Masoli, but finds themselves wishing they had even Jevan Snead back. Please, Fresno, don't pull a Fresno. Fresno State 31 - Ole Miss 28

If you're interested, because I'm not:

5:00 PM - ESPNU - Kentucky at No. 9 Florida This has potential upset, so why am I not interested? Have you ever seen Kentucky pull out a real upset? I say them beat LSU in 2007 and that LSU team still went to the title game. Even if Kentucky pulls out a win, Florida will be given an excuse. Makes me tired of caring about "important" SEC games; I'd rather watch the highlights. That said, the only reason Florida hasn't lost their last 3 games if because the other team practically gives them tunrovers. If UK plays smart, they can pull the upset. Have you seen Kentucky ever play smart? Thought so... UK 21 - UF 28

5:45 PM - ESPN - No. 12 South Carolina at No. 17 Auburn Some would say a win would legitimize the winning team. I say, the winner here will lose later. USC[East] 13 - Auburn 17

You better not be interested, because YOU BETTER BE WATCHING THE GAME:

6:00 PM - Streaming only - San Jose State at No. 13 Utah & 6:00 PM - - Utah State at San Diego State Could you imagine the WAC going 4-0 against the MWC in this week? That would be awesome. To bad it ain't going to happen. No scores: SJSU loses, Utah State wins (how in the world did SDSU get favored in this game?).

If you're interested, because I'm not:

8:00 PM - Altitude - California at No. 14 Arizona Cal is schizophrenic. Which means they could pull off an upset. But I doubt it.

8:30 PM - Altitude/Fox Rocky Mountain - No. 5 Oregon at Arizona State If this were Oregon vs. Arizona, i'd be interested. But Arizona State forgot how to kick extra points [grumble grumble, stupid loss against Wisconsin...].

Yay! I got it to only 5 games that you should really care about watching! Sadly, I'm still long-winded and put in more games for you. For the poll, something cexeko/rwoliver (i forgot which one was his OBNUG handle) brought up to me.

* Ed's note: I suck, also added where to watch for the rest of the games.

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