But how loud can we possibly be...

Hey all, I have been reading in a few different locations about Boise's relatively small crowd and stadium capacity. The point of the things I have read seems to be that we cannot match the noise levels of some of the larger crowds in America.


Oddly enough this made me think of speaker boxes and acoustic rooms used for sound recording...both of which use enclosed space, angles, and an inordinate ratio of sound to available space in order to get the desired effect.


We don't have a dome so we are not enclosed, but we have energy and heart. More importantly, I believe we have a reason. 



Take a moment to consider these two parallels between our fans' situation and our teams' situation...


1. We have a small capacity stadium

     - Boise St. is a small school team


2. There's no way we can generate the noise of a stadium twice our size

     - There's no way a roster full of 1 and 2 star recruits can run with the Big Boys


more after the jump...




Our BSU football team has given us plenty of reason to be excited around here and they've done it against a virtual wall of discouragement, criticism, and pure venom.

Imagine how difficult that must be to go into a game where everyone says you have no chance in hell and that you are wasting their precious time to by forcing them to prove it to you. To have the internal fortitude to come prepared and to accomplish the task set before you without fear or hesitation is easier said than done. Coach Pete has instilled this mindset firmly in our boys' hearts and minds.

I guarantee you our football team didn't get to where they are by believing everyone's logical argument and I don't think we should either.

Fans; We have an opportunity to make a tangible difference that will substantially help our team. WE are the 12th man and we are a part of this team's resume to the rest of the country!



Our team is on track to potentially wreck the BCS and piss a lot of holier-than-thou types off. And if they don't it won't be because they haven't earned it. I just think that if Coach Pete and those boys can do it, then by God, WE can do it too.


This team just feels like a team of destiny to me. As corny as that probably sounds, consider the following;

Rank Team Record Votes Previous

1 Alabama (55) 3-0 1,470 1

2 Ohio State (3) 3-0 1,410 2

3 Boise State 2-0 1,291 3

4 Texas 3-0 1,251 4

5 TCU 3-0 1,188 5

6 Oregon 3-0 1,181 6

7 Nebraska (1) 3-0 1,135 8

8 Florida 3-0 1,092 7

9 Oklahoma 3-0 1,060 9

10 Wisconsin 3-0 884 11

11 Arkansas 3-0 846 13

12 LSU 3-0 801 12

13 Utah 3-0 693 14

14 Auburn 3-0 655 15

15 South Carolina 3-0 612 16

A) We have a mostly upper classman roster this year that will not be here next year

B) We began the season at #5, within striking range of a NC game or major Bowl.

C) We beat a very good VT team that shot us up to our current #3 ranking.

D) Alabama has a tough Arkansas team this weekend, LSU down the road (I think), and an SEC Championship game.

E) Ohio St. has some tough games ahead against Iowa and their hated rival Michigan.

F) Texas will probably fall to either Oklahoma or Nebraska and maybe both

G) Assuming fair minded voters (which we shouldn't but this is for argument's sake), our current roster beat both TCU and Oregon last year and they had better more experienced rosters than they do now.

H)  I'm predicting Nebraska over Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship

I) Florida has Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and FSU still on the schedule.

I'm not saying this is how things will shake out, I'm just saying there are believable scenarios where Nebraska is the only real threat to jump us in the Polls.

So then, this is our year, the time is now, this is when you sell out because it may be a long long time before we see another opportunity if we don't get it done now.

Given that perspective I say this;

If you go to the game on Saturday night and get up for church Sunday morning then good on you...but if you go to the game on Saturday night and get up for church Sunday morning AND SING IN THE CHOIR WITH A VOICE AS SMOOTH AS BUTTER WHILE HITTING OCTAVES LIKE MARIAH CAREY...then you did something wrong!

If our team can fly in the face of naysayers' logic then By God We Can Too! 

You want a goal? How about 135 dB's. LET'S MAKE THE TELEVISION CAMERAS SHAKE!

Pass the ammunition, earplugs, and throat louges...we're gonna have a football game Saturday.


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