Why I like Boise St. and dislike the current BCS system


I came to the Boise area in late 2003 as AD USAF after a lengthy and enjoyable stint in northern Italy. I arrived just in time for Boise St.'s success to really begin kicking in but remained a stout Seminole fan at first. The Broncos, like Idaho, took time to grow on me but they are easily the team I am most excited about these days. 

To me, Boise St. represents more than football. They represent timeless concepts such as "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" (talent evaluation) and how Heart and the Human Spirit can ultimately trump Measurables when coupled with Hard Work and Determination. I like that BSU wins on brains and not just talent alone. I believe we have one of the best coaching staffs in the nation, that we are one of the best at developing talent once it gets here, and that no one Outprepares or Outworks a Broncos team.


I am utterly against the BCS and it's clear emphasis on money and reward for the Members Only club. I love football and cannot support a system that is designed to keep the little guy out just because they are a threat. As such, I support the non AQ teams that are pushing hard right now such as Boise St., TCU, Utah, and recently Nevada. Collectively, I have nicknamed them The Gatecrashers as they continue to crash the parties of the Narcissistic Country Club Teams of Tradition. 

I understand the logic behind not wanting to play someone like Boise St.; the Lose/Lose scenario of not getting credit if your team wins and getting blamed too hard if it loses. I also understand the logic employed behind not inviting BSU to a power conference; the small TV market, the low capacity stadium, the small potential for revenue.

But imo folks; YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY COWARDLY BEHAVIOR ON ANY LEVEL OR AT ANY TIME AND CONTINUE TO HOLD YOURSELF IN SUCH HIGH ESTEEM. I'm not screaming that Boise St. is unbeatable here, nor do I think you should be so audacious as to say they have no shot against your favorite team when you are busy ducking them or screaming about how they don't belong in a major bowl let alone a NC game. Proof is in the doing and not the talking. BSU does what it can with what it has and has not turned anyone down as far as I know. They should not be blackballed without proper evidence as long as they are willing to play anyone.


I have heard that Boise St. charges an arm and a leg to come play you and that they will not, themselves, pay you very much to come and play them. I don't know if that's true or not but it wouldn't surprise me if it were; this is a Program that is on the rise and trying to make a big leap financially into the big boy market. We don't have the funds to pay through the nose to bring you here and we would be smart to charge you a lot to prove yourself. That just makes sense to me. Boise St. IS the hot commodity right now. We don't have to justify jack, you do. 

Institute a Playoff system; it would be good for everyone, not just us. So many times in the 90s, when FSU was independent and well known for making the absolute toughest schedules in football for themselves, I wished the eventual NC could have played my 1 loss Seminoles. I bet FSU would have more Nat'l Championship trophies if that had happened. But never once did I complain about that because it was the system we had. Now the system we have is threatening to put BSU in the title game and you crybabies are all up in arms about it. So change the system, it sucks the way it is. I'm not a finance major but a Playoff system sure looks like one helluva moneymaker to me if organized right and would probably make MORE money than the current BCS system.

Division I College Football is the only division at ANY level that does not use a Playoff format. The excuse that it would interfere with the kids' education and make the season too long is bogus too since Div II, which is also managed by the NCAA, has been doing it for years. It's up to us College Football fans. There's too much vested interest in the current system by rich and powerful people who don't even care about football. But we are the customers and we can drive this thing. Last year there was more uproar than I have ever seen and I heard the Big Ten started quietly contemplating a +1 format. Ultimately folks, we ARE the money.


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