Week 3 Games to Watch: Finally some meat!

All times Mountain Standard Time

Friday, September 17, 2010

8:00 PM - ESNP2 - California at Nevada

If Nevada's defense decides to show up against a BCS conference team, they could very well be ranked by the time we go to Reno for Black Friday. This could be good for Boise State. Sadly, I have these hopes every year the the most over-hyped non-AQ team in the nation. I would put money on this game that Nevada loses. But I'll be watching, regardless. California 35 - Nevada 24

Saturday, September 18, 2010

10:00 AM - ESPN - No. 12 Arkansas at Georgia

I'm really interested in finding out if Ryan Mallett is the real deal this season or if he's a product of his offensive line and Jevan Snead-like-hype. He received negative comments out of Manning Camp and I'd like to know how much he has improved because of it. Georgia couldn't get things offensively against South Carolina, but I attribute that more to the defense of USC. This makes for a great post-GameDay game that I'll be on my couch for. Arkansas 31 - Georgia 33

If you're able to find it, East Carolina plays at Virginia Tech at 11:30 AM. I'm already tired of the Hokies, but if you're now, look in the Week 3 comment thread for an internet link to the game, if one exists. But just for the record: East Carolina 17 - Virginia Tech 35

The Slew

I'm just not sure what to watch Saturday Afternoon. We're done with week 1 and 2 patsies and have finally gotten to some real meat of some football games. With that said, here's a whole list of games that I'm interested in watching, but won't be able to get all of them. I even had to throw out Hawaii at Colorado, but only because I can't find it televised anywhere.

1:30 PM - Altitude - Air Force at No. 7 Oklahoma

This has potential upset all over it. Oklahoma is now playing their 3rd home game of the year (serisouly, these guys should be in the SEC with how many home games they have), which has extended their home winning record further than Boise's while we continue to play on the road. Maddening! But there's a whole other story to this game. Oklahoma turned over their Week 1 hangover with Utah State and obliterated Florida State last week. Air Force toppled a crippled BYU team but shows hope and promise travelling to Norman. I'd like to see if Oklahoma's defense can change from defending a quick-passing spread offense last week to defending the 3-4 option playbook of Air Force. My faith in the college football says Air Force can do it, but my gut is telling me to stop believing. Air Force 27 - Oklahoma 35

1:30 PM - ABC* - No. 8 Nebraska at Washington

I don't care about Jake Locker anymore. Thankfully a bad BYU defense showed that if you stop one man, you stop Washington. I am, however, concerned for a Nebraska defense that only took what Nathan Enderle gave them (which was passes and 3-and-outs) and also for a Nebraska offense that only scored 38 on Shilo Keo and company. Will the 'Huskers be exposed in Seattle? I think they will be, because only because the game will be close. Nebraska 31 - Washington 24

1:30 PM - CBS - No. 10 Florida at Tennessee

I'm leaning very heavily on this being my 2nd favorite match-up of the day. Florida is favored by 14 points in Neyland Stadium, which means Tennessee impressed no one by giving up midway in the 2nd Quarter to Oregon last week. But this Florida offense is no Oregon. Tennessee and Wilcox seemed have Oregon in their hand, until their offense sputtered giving full momentum to the Ducks. Florida has had their struggles vs. Miami(OH) and USF... in which /both teams practically gave them good field position. Add this to Demps being the only good part of Florida's offense, Chris Rainey being excluded from team activities, and this being Florida's first this away game, this has upset written all over it. And I'm not only suggesting it, I'm predicting it. Florida 17 - Tennessee 31

1:30 PM - ESPN2* - Arizona State at No. 11 Wisconsin

PAC-10 not so great vs. Big-"10" maybe great. This could turn out to be a very boring game, a Wisconsin blowout, or a battle in the trenches waiting for the other to make a mistake. The uncertainty has me clueless over who will win this matchup. I'm going to give in to Wisconsin, though, since the Big-10 always disappoints me by winning game that I don't want them to (read: all of them). Arizona State 20 - Wisconsin 27

1:30 PM - ESPN - No. 18 USC at Minnesota

Nevermind. I thought this could be a good game, but then I remembered that Minnesota really, really stinks. Just watch, now that I've said that, Minnesota will pull off the upset. USC 45 - Minnesota 6

1:30 PM - ESPNU - Brigham Young at Florida State

Was it glorious to anyone else watching BYU lose to Air Force for the first time in years? They still have no clue what they're doing at the QB situation. What I find funny is that BYU's woes have been focused on their lack of backfiled, when the real issue is their defense. I fully expect Florida State to get back on their feet from the beatdown from OU and whomp on the Cougars. Do it for the WAC, the MWC, and mostly, do it for me, Seminoles!!! Probably my most unrealistic prediction of the day: Brigham Young 17 - Florida State 52

2:30 PM - Vs. - Baylor at No. 4 TCU

I'm rather excited for this game. Baylor has been snuffing TCU out of conference inclusion and using political means to do it. Sound familiar? That's why I like TCU so much. Great coach, great defense, stupid nemesis. If they could only do something about their red-headed QB situation. I don't know what the "experts" have this game so close (not really expert 1, not really expert 2. Baylor 6 - TCU 45

There is interest in the Louisville at No. 25 Oregon State game at 3:30 PM as a preview to the competition we're facing next week. But again, you're goign to have to look for it on the Internet somwhere. Note: The ESPN GameDay traveled to the Clemson at No. 16 Auburn game, which is probably one of the most boring games that will be on today. But if you want to watch, it's on ESPN at 5:00 PM.


You best be setting one of these games to your DVR, because your full attention best be set to CBS C (what does that 2nd "C" mean anyway?) to watch Boise State vs. Wyoming. If you have Cable One, first of all, it sucks to be you. Second, you should really find a sports bar or head to the Student Union building to watch the game.

6:00 PM - ABC* - No. 6 Texas at Texas Tech

My favorite match-up of the day. Ever since the Texas Tech firing of Mike Leach, I've not been a fan of this team, but I just do NOT see how Texas wins this game. Their defense has had problems the past two weeks and their running game only found strides against an armless Wyoming. Texas Tech won 2 years ago in epic fashion. And even though their 2 Heisman dark horses are no longer there, Tech always knows how to throw the ball. Add the ferocious Tech fans in a night game and I'm really eager to watch this game (after Boise State stomps Wyoming, anyway). Texas 35 - Texas Tech 45

8:30 PM - ESPN - No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona

This game also has the same "I'm not sure what to do" feel to it as the Wisconsin/Arizona State game. It's like wanting to reply to two OBNUGgers flirting in the comments section after one of them tries to /smoothly find out if the other is already in a commitment ... you just don't know what to say. I think Nick Foles will have to play very well to get past a stout Defensive front of Iowa. While Stanzi will have to keep playing 2010 Stanzi and not 2009 Stanzi. The equally matched teams should display some good football. Iowa 21 - Arizona 24

8:30 PM - ESPNU - UNLV at Idaho

Please don't think less of me for wanting to watch this game. Neither team has a defense, so I know it won't be good football, but it will be something to watch while waiting for College Gameday Final to come on. How does Mark May eat his words? He doesn't, he chokes on them in silence. [insert Thrusday's Dr. Lou segment where Kyle Busch awesomely calls Mark May an idiot, and Lou Holtz jokingly concurs]. The game is in the Kibbie Dome, so expect Idaho to keep it close and barely win. UNLV 29 - Idaho 31

Comment on what games you will be watching this weekend and also include your predicted outcomes and analysis of your favorite games.  I quite enjoyed TheShrewdOne showing that I was completely wrong about the Notre Dame/Michigan game... I tuned in just in time to see Mr. Robinson's final drive and Mr. Crist's chokingly funny overthrow to end the game.

Blogger note: Please let me know what you do/don't like with my posts. They're getting rather lengthy and I think I may be including too many games and/or too much commentary on the game. I am not Mikrino, therefore I am not perfect, so I would appreciate your negative feedback.

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