In Your Face Boise State Fans

BSU fans are some of the cockiest, most in your face, fans I have ever seen.  I have rarely seen fans so in your face, both on camera and in person, and they will let you know that BSU is the #1 team in the country, and dare you to prove otherwise.  And for a while, I tried. 

The problem is that you really can't prove them otherwise.  They are right every single blasted time.  They have gone undefeated 3 or so times in the last 5 or 6 years, every time with hallmark wins over teams like Oregon, TCU, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech. 

The BCS chronies are looking for every imaginable excuse known to man to try and discredit BSU's record:

The "Schedule some quality OOC Opponents" Argument

"Schedule some tough teams, and maybe people will start to notice you before your bowl game rolls around."  So they do.  Oregon in Eugene.  Virginia Tech in Virginia.  Oregon St.  etc.  I remember BSU beating Oregon and watching as the BSU fans were so amazingly annoying and wanting to punch that BSU player myself in addition to at least a dozen fans.  Then Blount did it for me.  I was thinking, "Good Job Blount, I Hope you get kicked off the team, but thank you someone for punching a BSU player in the face."

Unfortunately, at the end of it all, the argument is dead.  BSU schedules tough OOC opponents every year, and wins.  Every time.  How do you argue against that?    By pulling out the SOS card?  Look at the Big East and ACC guys.  Tell me an undefeated team from there wouldn't be let into the NC game.  And that is with playing 2-3 Div II teams every year.  I really do despise the WAC's lack of good teams, but that doesn't mean BSU wouldn't also run the table in 3 out of 6 BCS conferences.  Because they would.  They really would.  And who is to say they wouldn't run the table in another BCS conference.  Not me, because then BSU would prove me wrong, and rub it in my face hardcore, like they keep. on. doing. every. year. 

The "BSU Only wins on trick plays" Argument

I have no idea how this argument has earned ANY credibility, but for the 3-4 years after the fateful Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl Game, this was a constant criticism of BSU's credibility.  How is this a legitimate argument?  Don't ask, because even this argument flew out the window when Boise beat Virginia Tech by playing better fundamental football, and winning without a ridiculous trick play. 

Do BSU's trick plays bug me?  YES!!!!  It drives me crazy that somehow they pull off a fake-punt/field goal/extra point and it works EVERY TIME.  It bugs me because my team can't do the same thing.  I desperately want my team to be able to pull off a fake-punt and have it work 100% of the time, which is where I think the root of this argument lies.  My team can't pull these plays off, so why is it fair that BSU can? 

The "One Good Season Doesn't Earn You a Spot in the NC Game" Argument

LOL.  OK.  How many Miami Hurricanes fans or Michigan fans or USC or EVERY SEC TEAM's fans have used the argument, "One good season doesn't earn you a spot in the National Championship Game" argument?  I remember so so so many SEC fans that have tried to argue why Alabama or Florida should have been in the National Championship over teams like BSU.  Why?  Because BSU has to have a tradition of greatness before being allowed to play in the NC game.  Kind of like Bama's great seasons 3-6 years ago.  Or Miami's greatness of the last 5 years. Or Florida's greatness the years before Urban Meyer showed up. 

This argument is inherently bad, because one good season DOES earn you a spot in the NC game.  Any and all games from previous years (Yes, even the immediately previous year) have absolutely NO bearing on how a team should be ranked this year. 

But even BSU wins this argument using both rationales.  This completely illegitimate argument may have blocked BSU in 2006, but it becoming more and more strained every time BSU shoves another win in another BCS team's face. 

Residual Arguments  (If there was any doubt that I am in law school - This terminology can confirm that rumor)

I have heard so many, and don't care to articulate them.  Feel free to comment and add your own that you have heard.  Or if you feel a need to further argue the inadequacies of BSU's program, I guess you are more than free to post that as well.  Just don't be surprised when BSU fans come out of the woodworks to tell you that you are wrong.  And then surprisingly have actual wins to back it up. 


I am a Utah fan.  I was pissed when Utah wasn't the national champion in 2008.  They deserved it.  They went 13-0.  They beat 4 ranked teams.  They beat Alabama decisively on the road.  I went ablaze on the blogs and let every SEC fan know they were full of it if they argued otherwise.  I even went so far as to tell several Florida fans that I met in Disney World that their "Florida National Champions" shirts were woefully inaccurate, and that they had no right to claim themselves as the national champions.  I fully believe that the 2004 Utah team would have given USC a better run for their money than Okalhoma, and that given USC's cheating status that year, the National Championship should have been between Utah and Auburn. 

So to you Annoying BSU fans.  I encourage you to continue to be annoying.  It drives me crazy, and I want to LeGarrette Blount you in the faces sometimes, but I would be doing the exact same thing if I were you, except maybe to a greater degree.  Keep winning your games and shutting up the naysayers.  I hope that Utah goes undefeated and either passes BSU up or we play it out in the National Championship game.  But if not at the expense of Utah, your team has my support, and I'll stop trying to argue with your fans, at least until they get the respect they deserve. 

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