Games to Watch: Week 2

The wife is away for the weekend, so it's time to sit the kids in front of Dora and watch a whole days worth of College Football! Follow me below for the games that a Bronco fan may be interested in watching:

10:00 AM - ESPN2 - No. 22 Georgia at No. 24 South Carolina

The warm up game. The morning doesn't have much on so use this game to get your barbeque's warmed up for the afternoon shows. I have more interest in watching USF vs. Florida, just to see if Florida has learned how to snap the ball, but they play on ESPN3 only and I don't get that unless I go watch on the Idaho State campus (curse you, cableone!). Since I plan on wearing my PJs until halftime of the afternoon games, that's not an option. But, the SEC sometimes is fun to watch. This game in particular should be more like a C-USA game... more spread, less defense. So, expect it to be high scoring affair, with Georgia coming our on top. Completely relevant fact: Did you know that we lost to Georgia just "a couple" years ago?

If the SEC doesn't fancy your early morning mood (hey, at least it ain't the Big Ten!), at 10:30 AM there's always Idaho at No. 6 Nebraska on a sports PPV option! Robb Akey wants you to watch the 2nd half, because they might actually score in garbage time. "You're gonna love it!"

1:30 PM - abc - No. 17 Florida State at No. 10 Oklahoma
1:40 PM - ESPN - No. 12 Miami (FL) at No. 2 Ohio State
(check regional coverage maps here)

The Dual DVR game. Expect the winner of each of these games to be catapulted in or near the top 10, threatening precious Boise State votes. Craig James is looking for ways to put Boise below his #3 ranking.

First we have Florida State in Norman, Oklahoma, looking to do what they did to BYU last year: lay the woodwork on an awful defensive secondary. Despite starting in more games than I have on my right hand (I may or may not ahve killed Sr. Montoya...), the media still thinks Landry Jones is a newcomer to college football and still has high expectations. I'm going to call out the Oklahoma offensive line, defensive secondary, and Landry Jones and say that Florida State breaks Oklahoma's home win record (which they say is better than Boise State's because everyone is still calling the '05 MPC Computers Bowl game a home loss for Boise. If it was a home game, why were we wearing white?! We can't use our unfair advantage that way!).

Next, the U plays in the 'Shoe. Let's face it, we all hate the Big Ten more than anything else not named Notre Dame. Well, except Darth Prophet, but he hates Ohio State anyway (wow, 2 mentions in as many weeks, Darth. Nice goin'). Miami will be launched into the top 5 if they beat Ohio State, but downing Pryor and the Buckeyes would clear up the mess towards the top. Also, we're pretty much gauranteed every year that no ACC team will go undefeated, so a Miami win is what we should all want. Sadly, as much as I want Miami to win, I don't think they will. This will probably come down to a little something we call defense in the Treasure Valley. Miami is well known for hype, then laying the egg on the road (see Va Tech last year... "It only rained when our offense was on the field!") I hate you Ohio State. Please make me wrong as I pick you for the win.

Whichever game you watch, duck tape the bottom 2" of your Widescreen HDTV so you don't see the ticker updates. Also, throw your remote at the screen if a Rece Davis studio update comes on. Really hard. *

1:30 PM - NBC - Michigan at Notre Dame

Feeling left out. This game plays at the same time as the two games mentioned above. But neither team is ranked (although, the winner will be after this game) so it doesn't much affect the Broncos at this time. Regardless, I'm picking Michigan to win. Notre Dame had problems against Purdue, while Michigan had not much against Connecticut. (Oh, side note: Did you hear?! The Big East sucks!)

5:00 PM - ESPN - No. 18 Penn State at No. 1 Alabama
5:00 PM - ESPN2 - No. 7 Oregon at Tennessee

DVR Dual Part II. This is what happens when there wasn't anything to watch on Thursday and Friday nights (although I tuned into the Marshal/WVU game. Did you hear?! The Big East sucks!), you get multiple games to watch in the same time slots.

Penn State will attempt to knock of Alabama from their defending co-national champion status (Boise was also undefeated, you know). Ok, stop laughing. I mean it! I'm trying to write a fanpost here! Alabama is going to be too tough on both sides of the ball for them, and it doesn't help that the game is being played in Tuscaloosa. Even if Alabama pulls a offensive fart like they regularly do in regular season games, the 'Bama defense should be plenty to keep Penn State from scoring very often. But good news! I actually want Alabama to win! I want them in the National Title game, in fact. I mean, if Boise State gets to the title game, there's only one opponent I would be satisfied playing against: Alabama. Any other opponent and they'll just say that were weren't really tested. If Boise is going to play for it all, they should play against IT ALL! And with Nicky Saban's recent fallacious comments, I'd like to see our boys the opportunity to give him that Utah feeling again.

The second game in this time slot between Oregon and Tennessee intrigues me. Both teams scored over 50 points last week against FCS opponents. Wait, what? New Mexico isn't in I-AA? Oh, sorry. Both teams also kept both of their FCS opponents scoreless last week--- What now? Oh, right. My apologies, coach who punches his assistants. Anyway... I'd like to see what Justin Wilcox can do against Oregon 2 years in a row. I know they're different atheltes and different programs, but Tennessee is supposed to have better athletes than Wilcox had at Boise State. And by better, I suppose they mean they get waived cover charges at local bars and get to beat up their own fans. Regardless, it should be fun to watch... at least until the 2nd quarter. I expect this game to either be close all the way through, or an Oregon blowout after 15 mins. I'm picking Oregon for the win, but I'm hoping it will be a close, low scoring loss. If Dooley goes, I want to see Coach Wilcox get the job.

8:30 PM - ESPNU - Colorado State at Nevada

The evening game that isn't being played by USC. So, you might want to watch USC, and so do I. But USC doens't do any hurt or help for Boise State. I mean, if they could be ranked in the BCS, I would actually cheer for them. They could take a slot in the upper polls to keep other, bowl deserving teams out of picture. But as it stands, Lane Kiffin is the spawn of Craig James... figuratively speaking, as I'm not sure Kiffin is related to Adam James. It'd be nice to see them lose vs. Virginia. But, they're playing Virginia. Hawaii has a scheme to create something that resembles an offense. Virginia has swords and mascots that can't stay on their horses. So, we get to watch Nevada put up plenty of points on weakling Colorado State defense. And we also get to see Nevada give up a lot of points to weakling Colorado State offense. Yay for no defense! Navada wins by 50, meaning they'll probably score 100.

* Note: The author of this article is not liable for any damage occured to your TV for following his ill-advised advice. It is much like Mark May. The nation listens to him, but nobody listens to him.

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