Welcome to Washington DC Bronco Fans Part 2

I've gotten a few emails from Bronco fans asking for recommended places to go around DC so I wanted to give you a few ideas before you get here.

First, DC is a small city but there is a lot of stuff to do depending on your tastes.  I'm going to dispense with the official sites that everyone knows or what we locals call the dead guy monuments.  While they represent history, I prefer to look at them from a distance.

Here are some places to consider:

1)  The roof top bar at the Hotel Washington.  Best time to go is about an hour before sunset.  Grab a drink and look out at the sites of DC.  The hotel is on Pennsylvania Avenue right next to the White House (although you cannot get a good view of the White House because of the trees).  However, every other building in the Federal area is visible including monument row.  Hopefully the weather is nice and you can watch a nice sunset with a cold drink in your hand. 

2)  The roof of the Kennedy Center.  Yeah, I like roofs.  Go to the Kennedy Center and head up to the roof.  There is a restaurant on the top level that has a bar.  Sometimes they have bars set up on the balconies.  Grab a cold beverage and head out to the balcony.  The balcony runs all the way around the building so you can look into Washington and get a nice view of the monuments or you can look down the river to the Georgetown water front. 

3)  If you are young and trendy, the primary place to go is Dupont Circle area (Word of warning to the conservative:  Dupont Circle has some popular gay clubs).  A lot of cool bars to go to. 

4)  The Adams Morgan area has got a couple of good music clubs (Madam's Organ and 9:30 Club) and great ethnic restaurants. 

5)  Chinatown near the Verizon Center.  Lots of new places in that area.  Lots of bars, restaurants and dance clubs.  Area is a little seedy but there are good places there. 

6)  If you are older and want to see a historic landmark, you can't beat the Old Ebbitt Grill (classy place with great food and good drinks.  A lot of the pols hangout there). 

7)  If you want to get across the river into Virginia, Old Town Alexandria is a fun place to go.  Go to King Street and Union Street and work your way up the block.  Good restaurants and bars. 

8)  My final mention is venerable Georgetown (M Street and Wisconsin).  It's kind of stodgy now by comparison with Dupont Circle but it's got a lot of bars, restaurants and places of interest.  A cool place in G-town is the waterfront.  There are some nice restuarants, outdoor cafes, etc.  It's right on the Potomac river so people pull up in their boats and party right off the Waterfront. 

Most of those places are in DC.  In Virginia, there is the Clerendon area in Arlington (restaurants, bars and some dance clubs).  It's convenient right off the Metro.  Also in Arlington is the Ballston area (restaurants, bars and general night life).  If you have access to a vehicle and don't mind a drive, the Reston Town Center has a lot going on Saturday nights.  During the summer and fall, they have open air concerts in the middle of the Town Center near the fountain.  Could be anything from Swing Dancing to Oompa bands.  Lots of bars and restaurants to check out.

Alright.  That's the end of this post.  As Steely Dan said "Sue me if I play too long".


Next post will be on a special topic:  Fed Ex Field (also called Danny Snyder's cash register).

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