Where I come from: Expectations for the season

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In many respects, we deal with expectations on a near-daily basis around here on OBNUG. Can the Broncos be expected to challenge for a national title? Covered it. Is Kellen Moore expected to be a Heisman Trophy winner? Been there. Should you really expect me to write with any sort of objective analysis when you know full well I am wearing a Marty Tadman jersey as we speak? Always "no."

So this Where I Come From topic is a natural extension of the blog's voice, and it is a perfect way to tie a ribbon around Where I Come From week. There will be much, much more expectation talk over the next couple months as we start seriously previewing the Broncos. But for today, I'll do some big picture expectations and ask you to share yours. Let's get to it.


Realistic expectations

I expect Boise State to win the WAC ... I expect the Broncos to beat the Vandals by at least two touchdowns, and hopefully seven ... I expect Boise State to play in a bowl ... I expect that bowl not to be the Human Bowl ... I expect Kellen Moore to get serious Heisman consideration only to be left uninvited when the season ends because Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett play for BCS teams and the Broncos have statement games against the likes of Nevada ... I expect to write a strongly-worded story about this ...

I expect the Bronco defense to finish in the Top Ten in most every statistical category this season ... I expect Jeron Johnson to Tweet relentlessly about this ... I expect Titus Young and Austin Pettis to land on the WAC's first-team offense and for at least one of them to be an All-American ... I expect big things from Kirby Moore ... I expect little things from Mitch Burroughs ...

I expect Kyle Brotzman to be automatic on field goals again ... I expect Thomas Byrd to be automatic on snaps ... I expect the Broncos to continue with their incredibly effective 3-3-5, 3-4, and 4-1-6 defenses and maybe even throw in a 1-5-5 for good measure ... I expect Kellen Moore to run the option at least once and for me to subsequently jab a pencil into my hand ... I expect Boise State University to sue Fred Meyer at least once ... I expect the Broncos to have a harder time against Oregon State than Virginia Tech ...

I expect a Marty Tadman bobblehead this year, and if there isn't one, I am so organizing a boycott of Jackson Food Stores ... I expect the Utah State game to be a lot tougher than people might think ... I expect the Broncos to start off very high in the BCS rankings but to lose some ground once the WAC schedule kicks in ... I expect Harris Poll voters to be oblivious that the Broncos play in the WAC ... I expect the Broncos to beat Virginia Tech and for me to spend the rest of the season in a panic-stricken semi-coma of constant fear that something unexpected will derail Boise State's national championship run ... I expect to pull through ...

Unrealistic expectations

I expect Doug Martin to rush for 1,000 yards and 20 touchdowns, against New Mexico State ... I expect Jarvis Hodge to be second-team All-WAC because he will have so many garbage time carries ... I expect Boise State to sweep the WAC awards for Coach of the Year (Petersen), Offensive POY (Moore), Defensive POY (Ryan Winterswyk), and Newcomer of the Year (Tyrone Crawford) ... I expect Coach Pete to take me up on my offer to start a mobile dog wash together ... I expect every game at Bronco Stadium to be a sellout ...

Mark Johnson expectations

Mark Johnson expects Doug Harper to have a very good year ...

OBNUG expectations

I expect the OBNUG community to grow by at least  1,000 new members by the start of the season ... I expect to perform very poorly in this year's Pick 'Em contest ... I expect to win every blog bet this season ... I expect no one to read my Boise State basketball preview ... I expect to get 1,000 fans on the OBNUG Facebook page and to reward that 1,000th fan with a giant Super Poke ... I expect a flame war sometime between now and the Oregon State game ...

Elsewhere on SB Nation

Where I Come From is an SB Nation-wide posting frenzy, so hit up your favorite or least favorite college blog to see what they think about the 2010 season. Chuckle at the expectations of Washington State. Try not to pity the Oregon Ducks and their highly tempered expectations.

Your turn

What are your expectations for the 2010 season? Are you counting on a Boise State BCS bowl? Are you expecting a national championship berth? Share your expectations in the comments.

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