How I Would Fix College Football

I had an amazing boat load of thought that I had to write down and share. I probably don’t have all of the kinks figured out so if you have any or disagreements please express.

Lets get this started, I totally enjoy Bowl Games, I just don't think it allow for the best results for the end of the season. I absolutely think the best solution to all of the arguments is to have a playoff (like all other sports), but with a little twist.

Right now there are 12 conferences (counting Independence as one of them), I divided them into East and West to the best of my ability (probably could be tweaked a bit).




BIG 10






BIG 12






Here is my twist, in this playoff format All and Only Conference Champions make the playoffs. 
Next: They are put into seeds (like NCAA Basketball), by the 25 (Sun Belt and MAC probably wont accomplish that feat so... top 50) or however formulated, decides the seeds. Example: Alabama #1, Ohio St #2, BSU #3.

Alabama becomes the East #1 seed, Ohio St East #2, and BSU West #1. So on and so forth.

Next: First round all teams will play, second round the highest seed in each region get a bye, after that no byes.

Example: (Humor me)  



Bama#1                   Bama#1                   Bama#1

UCF#6                    Bye                         Georgia Tech#4


Ohio St#2                Ohio St#2                               

Ohio U#5                Georgia Tech#4      


West Virgina#3      

Georgia Tech#4      



                                                                                NC Game               





BSU#1                     BSU#1                                    BSU#1

Troy#6                     Bye                                        TCU#2


TCU#2                    TCU#2

Navy#5                   Oklahoma#4





All game would be hosted by the higher seed, with the NC Game at a Neutral Site (Pretty much like the NFL).

For all the other teams with a winning record would participate in a Bowl Game (Everyone wins... kind of).

Ok, with this format with today schedules teams would have the possibility of 18 games!!! The only way I see this format working is the regular season is shortened by 4-5 games?! Schedule would be set up like this 1 Non-Conference game and 8 Conference games. Bowl and Playoffs games would only be able to except teams with a record of 6-3 or better. If a conference needs a Championship game (unlike the WAC) that would still happen. Keeping all teams at the MAX of 14 games. The Hawaii bonus game would not be aloud, unless it keeps both under 15.

Example: BSU 2010 Schedule Would Become...

1.   Virginia Tech

2.   New Mexico St

3.   San Jose St

4.   Louisiana Tech

5.   Hawaii

6.   Idaho

7.   Fresno St

8.   Nevada

9.   Utah St

If BSU were to win the WAC Championship they would enter the Playoffs, or if not (sorry), they would go to a Bowl game. The worst a Bowling (still talking about football) team can do is 6-4, best at 9-1. Teams that went to the Playoffs at worst would be (a Sunbelt or MAC team most likely, so WHO knows) 6-4? Best 14-0. Cause who wants to watch a team loss12 games anyways? I can handle 0-9 and so can Idaho.


Thank you for reading. I hope this was either funny, enjoyable, thought provoking or if nothing else, not a waste of time. Please comment and let me know what you think about it and what you would change.

                                                                                                                 Daniel Woodard "aka" DanBSUMan








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