Which RB would you choose?


It 's Saturday in May. Yet it's raining, cold, wet, and I'm stuck inside. I'm dying to talk some Bronco Football.

In my many Bronco thoughts today I've had the running backs on my mind. We all know there's a logjam going into the fall at running back. So it got me thinking. If you were in charge, who would you hypothetically choose to be the feature running back on the team?


This is my official apology for fragmented sentences, run-on sentences, and in general, incorrect punctuation.

I'm talking the three major backs here. If you're dying to see Jarvis Hodge, Matt Kaiserman, or Carlo Audagnotti start full-time this is the wrong thread. Here's my best attempt at a breakdown:

Doug Martin- How could you not have a mancrush on Doug Martin? He is fast, bulky, strong, and he can dance. Doug Martin has the power to run over gap-filling linebackers and the speed to rush around the edge. With the extra muscle he has put on, Martin has NFL type bulk that can easily sustain the punishment of 25 carries per game in the WAC. No need to worry about punctured lungs with Doug. But then again, Martin has been limited in carries with juggling stints on defense and being the back-up to Avery. Could he maintain a 6+ yard per carry average over an entire season. I think he could. And if nothing else, the guy isn't afraid of ruffling some feathers. Just ask the "I" logo in the barn up north.

DJ Harper- Here's some serious talent we haven't been able to see enough of. The talent was obvious since he was a true freshman. Remember as a true freshman, then #34, he got the starting nod and gashed up Fresno State (in Fresno) with 153 yards? It was awesomeness. Harper also has the ability to run over a defender or break for a long one. Harper needs to hang onto that ball when he's so close to the end zone. I bet Harper is still doing Titus Young's laundry. Anyway, Harper has been in the shadows of Ian Johnson and Jeremy Avery limiting his opportunities. Last year was looking like Harper's year to really shine until that dang knee injury happened. Fortunately, he's getting a second shot at his junior year with a redshirt. Plus, from limited reports at spring ball, Harper was healing nicely and was already running drills. How would Harper do as a feature back? We've seen some exciting glimpses from him. Could he keep it up for an entire season without questions?

Jeremy Avery- And now the only 1000 yard rusher of the group. For the Broncos, Avery is the definition of a homerun hitter. A couple years ago I thought Avery also possessed the ability to run someone over and take it 60 yards to the house. But last year when Avery wasn't running around untouched he was doing the Ian Johnson-hand on the lineman's back thingie. I don't know which Jeremy Avery to expect. With good speed and a quick burst, Avery has been holding down the starting running back position....sort of. He at least gets the first opportunities to get into the flow of the game. We all know Avery can take it to the house untouched like nobody's business but could he consistently carry the ball 25 times per game. He's a ripped 170 pounds, but 170 pounds nonetheless. Could he stay injury free?


Personally, I would have to go with Doug Martin. Martin is loaded with talent and the swagger to back it up. I think we've only seen a sliver of what Martin can do. Imagine seeing him in the backfield full time. Even as a redshirt freshman, some teammates were saying Martin was the best back on the team. Ian Johnson may have cried a little. I have a mancrush indeed.


Just a reminder. I know this is all hypothetical and would never happen. There's too much talent on this team to keep guys off of the field. So please indulge me...

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