Spring recap: Final thoughts on Boise State storylines, weight room gains, and Fall Camp preview

Before moving on from Boise State's spring practice to Boise State's long offseason, let's take one last look at what went down during the Broncos' busy two months.

Which Bronco player gained 29 pounds since last season? What ever happened to the vaunted redshirt linebackers? And why is everyone forgetting about Jerrell Gavins? Join me after the jump for answers, questions, and more.

Boise State's Biggest Loser: Byron Hout, and therefore WAC offenses

Via OBNUG reader statguy: Boise State released its spring prospectus, which features plenty of Bronco-centric stats and bios and also an updated roster with new player measurables. And me being the Microsoft Excel fan that I am, I pumped all the info into a spreadsheet and compared the Broncos' new weights to the weights listed on the old roster.

Which Bronco player made the biggest gains? Survey says ... OT Charles Leno who pulled a Joshua Burnbalm and gained 29 pounds in Boise State's weight program.

Twenty-nine pounds? That's like half of LaTech kicker Matt Nelson this guy.

Joining Leno in packing on muscle were FB Joey Paul (21 extra pounds), DT Darren Koontz (18), WR Preston Minter (17), and DT Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, who went from 282 to 301 but really once you hit 285 who's counting?

On the other end of the spectrum, new MLB Byron Hout dropped the most weight, losing 14 pounds. Hout was far and away the biggest loser, easily besting Carlo Audagnotti (8) and Matt Paradis (6). A faster, lighter Hout is a much more dangerous Hout. Sorry, Ryan Colburn.

Here is the complete chart of Bronco weight gains and losses. How much did your favorite player change?

Player 2009 weight 2010 weight Difference
Leno, Charles 249 278 +29
Paul, Joey 205 226 21
Tjong-A-Tjoe, Ricky 282 301 19
Koontz, Darren 254 272 18
Minter, Preston 177 194 17
Wilson, Matt 212 228 16
Linehan, Gabe 213 229 16
Jungblut, Justin 241 255 14
Southwick, Joe 182 195 13
Makinde, Ebenezer 164 177 13
Durrant, Bronson 266 279 13
Efaw, Kyle 229 242 13
Wright, Drew 188 200 12
Martin, Doug 201 212 11
Mackey, Daron 233 244 11
Wright, Faraji 284 295 11
Broyles, Jake 257 268 11
Kamper, Dustin 209 219 10
Derome, Billy 181 191 10
Shoemaker, Tyler 207 217 10
Tamburo, Mike 183 192 9
Harman, Trevor 188 197 9
Wilson, Dave 222 231 9
Smith, Tommy 218 227 9
Nisby, J.P. 305 314 9
Robinson, Jason 194 202 8
Ewing, Quaylon 175 183 8
Mooney, Allen 211 219 8
Hiwat, Geraldo 189 197 8
Gavins, Jerrell 171 178 7
Johnson, Malcolm 181 188 7
Lawrence, Will 293 300 7
Johnston, Jake 186 193 7
Potter, Chris 161 167 6
Coughlin, Mike 212 218 6
Borgman, Josh 169 175 6
Avery, Jeremy 173 179 6
Percy, J.C. 214 220 6
Harper, D.J. 198 203 5
Stanaway, Travis 188 193 5
Marshall, Kharyee 207 212 5
Gallarda, Tommy 249 254 5
Moore, Kirby 196 200 4
Roberson, Chris 222 226 4
Yriarte, Cory 281 285 4
Potter, Nate 293 297 4
King, Sean 240 244 4
Baker, Chase 296 300 4
Winterswyk, Ryan 263 267 4
Burks, Aaron 186 189 3
Tevis, Aaron 228 231 3
Pendergast, Garrett 271 274 3
Gerke, Spencer 290 293 3
Atkinson, Michael 332 335 3
Hodge, Jarvis 203 205 2
Murray, Antwon 177 179 2
Lambert, Raphiel 200 202 2
Hayes, Chuck 290 292 2
Winn, Billy 288 290 2
Grimes, Greg 271 273 2
Febis, Cedric 197 198 1
Burroughs, Mitch 188 189 1
Johnson, Jeron 194 195 1
Turner, Dane 170 171 1
Elkin, Brad 201 202 1
Iloka, George 207 207 0
Thompson, Brandyn 180 180 0
Davis, John Michael 210 210 0
Root, Jarrell 259 259 0
Crawford, James 207 n/a n/a
David Cushing n/a 277 n/a
Derek Hill n/a 158 n/a
Moore, Kellen 187 186 -1
Taylor, Jamar 193 192 -1
Paul, Dan 241 240 -1
Kellogg, Joe 305 304 -1
Myers, Brenel 267 266 -1
Waller, Zach 289 288 -1
Alexander, Nick 237 236 -1
Young, Titus 170 168 -2
Brown, Jonathan 204 202 -2
Acrey, Derrell 235 233 -2
Pavel, Jimmy 212 210 -2
Koch, Chandler 244 242 -2
Kaiserman, Matt 188 185 -3
Pettis, Austin 201 197 -4
Hess, Jake 231 227 -4
Ames, Michael 281 277 -4
McClellin, Shea 262 258 -4
Venable, Winston 223 218 -5
White, Hunter 224 219 -5
Jackson, Tyler 203 198 -5
Brotzman, Kyle 201 196 -5
Byrd, Thomas 284 279 -5
Slater, Matt 290 285 -5
Paradis, Matt 275 269 -6
Audagnotti, Carlo 176 168 -8
Hout, Byron 241 227 -14



Photos from Idaho's spring practice weigh-in. (via msnbcmedia2.msn.com)


You've been riddled: Answers to OBNUG's spring questions

Back in early March when people still knew who Michael Coughlin was, Drew came up with four questions for Boise State spring practice. Let's check the answer guide.

Q: Will Pete Kwiatkowski start changing the Bronco defense?

A: Yes. Kwiatkowski's defense appeared to be more aggressive and more exotic this spring. He has kept a lot of the same elements as Justin Wilcox (i.e., the 3-3-5), but he seems to be willing to use them more often.

Q: Which 2009 redshirts are going to start imposing their will?

A: CB Ebo Makinde, WR Aaron Burks, WR Geraldo Hiwat, OT Faraji Wright, and DT Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe. Not on the list are RB Malcolm Johnson, who missed the first scrimmage, and DT Matt Paradis, whose injury paved the way for walk-on DT David Cushing to shine.

Q: Will Kellen Moore ever take a step back?

A: Yes. It was not Kellen Moore's best spring ever and not just because it would be hard to top the spring of 1997 when the Moore family splurged for a VCR with a slow motion button. Moore's numbers were down in both scrimmages - a fact that will be immediately lost on everyone who writes a college football preview magazine.

Q: Allen Mooney or John Michael Davis?

A: Neither. Mooney was ruled out for the spring with a leg injury, and Davis soon joined him on the sideline with an elbow injury. The two highly-touted LB recruits were expected to shine this spring, but perhaps they prefer the Derrell Acrey rise to stardom - slow, frustrating, and cautiously optimistic every spring.

Getting a head start on Fall Camp

We learned a lot from spring practice. We will learn a lot more from Fall Camp. With that in mind, here are some early questions related to Boise State's fall practice.

  • Will it be Jerrell Gavins, Jamar Taylor, or Ebo Makinde starting at corner?
  • Where will JC transfer Tyrone Crawford fit in?
  • Which true freshmen will play right away? Jeremy Ioane? Matt Miller?
  • Is D.J. Harper 100 percent?
  • Is Austin Pettis?
  • Will Jason Robinson be back in the fold?
  • Will any other Broncos be making position changes?
  • Wither Mikey Tamburo?
  • What changes will occur on the Bronco offensive line by the VT game?
  • Is Nate Potter a forever guard?
  • Has Kyle Brotzman cured his left hash issues?

What questions are you getting ready for Boise State's Fall Camp?


  • Graham Watson's spring wrap touched on the Broncos' need to replace Kyle Wilson with either Jamar Taylor or Ebo Makinde. No Jerrell Gavins? At the time, I thought it was just a Watson oversight, but the same thing happened on BroncoSports.com spring wrap-up.

    Makinde's play, along with that of physical sophomore Jamar Taylor, will help Bronco fans (and coaches) breathe a little easier with the loss of future NFL corner Kyle Wilson.

    Did something happen to Jerrell Gavins in the last 36 hours that I do not know about?

  • Brian Murphy got out his CFB Superconference erector set yesterday and wrote up a plan that did not include the Broncos. Statesman commenters were understandably illiterate about the whole thing. In lieu of my responding to Murphy's take, let me point you all to discussions we had months ago on the topic. (HT: Intern)

  • And the long offseason begins. There are three-and-a-half months until Boise State hits the field again for Fall Camp on August 6. What are we going to do with ourselves until then? Plenty. The OBNUG team has daily content planned all through the spring and summer, so get ready for some speculation, hyperbole, and Mark Johnson jokes. We'll get through it together.

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