Apparently, the Aggies have a very difficult playbook....

Smith, a senior, was Turbin’s backup last season and accounted for 290 yards and four touchdowns on 46 carries. "I wouldn’t say I am getting comfortable," Smith said. "I am learning my plays more and understanding the offense more. I am more comfortable.

As a graduate of that fine institution in Logan, but more and more becoming through and through a lighter shade of blue as well as traffic cone orange, can I just say how proud I am that as a Senior, he is able to learn that playbook. 

About 10 years ago, I sat in the Aggie section here.  (Those visiting seats stink, by the way).

About 7 years ago, (2 or 3 years before the first Fiesta Bowl, I'm not that much of a bandwagoner), we bought  Bronco season tickets.  Our lives have never been the same.

My first year going to the Bronco/Aggie game down there (about 6 years ago)  I wore an Aggie hat and a Bronco Jacket.  Be true to your school and all that.  This year, I took the hat with me, but took it off after we went to eat at Qdoba and the waitress complained that Broncos were "invading" them. 

The obnoxious idiots in front of us at the game didn't help, either.  Complaining about how Coach Pete "had no class" because he went for it on 4th down, then not asking for forgiveness after he promptly instructed the Broncos to kneel on it to run out the clock when on your eight yard line was just a load of crap, and really bad form. 

Now, I think you should support your school, but don't act like a Vandal.  When your team sucks, they suck.  Accept it.  I think the football team only won about 5 games in my entire 4 years there.  I know whereof I speak.  In basketball, you rock.  In football, you haven't quite, uh, "turned the corner" yet.

Maybe I can help Mr. Smith with the plays.  I am the offensive coordinator of my sons youth football team.  We even run a couple of different formations, including some wildcat/single wing.

Play No. 1.  Borel drops back to pass after taking a shotgun snap.  Nobody open.  Borel runs around, makes 3 people miss, and turns a potential 12 yard loss into a 3 yard loss.

Play No. 2:  Borel fires a bullet swing pass at a hapless receiver.  The receiver is clocked in the head and taken off the field.  Incomplete.

Play No. 3:  Borel hands off to Smith, who goes to the wrong hole.  That even/odd thing is pretty hard to handle.  1 yard gain.

Play No. 4:  See play no. 1.  Oh, whoops.  That was 4th down.  Instead of Play no. 4, run fake punt for 13 yards.  Best play of the game.  Draw play in the turf for Mr. Smith's benefit so he knows who to block.


Now he knows the plays. 

Since the Broncos only have about 9 running backs who could probably start in Logan, too bad we can't loan them some against some other teams so they can get some playing time.  You know, like a 2 way contract in hockey.  We have the right to recall them at any time, but they can get some quality carries against New Mexico State, Idaho and San Jose.

Oh, can I also say, the milk the cow thing is the dumbest cheer I have ever seen.  I'm sure glad they didn't do that when I was there.

A reformed Aggie.  I hope they let me keep my diploma.

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