This is inspired by the recent discussion on our joining the Pac 10. I wanted to explain why this will not happen. First background: I am a Boise State and U of I grad and I attended the College of Idaho. My son is a junior at Oregon State obtaining 2 degees in chemistry and microbiology.

If you look at the faculty and administration at the Pac schools you will notice the effect of what I call the "teach down" principle as well as the "East First" rule. Goes like this: to teach at a university you must have obtained your terminal degree(usually a PhD) from a school at least one "tier" above it. So for example, at Oregon State you will see faculty graduates from Harvard, Yale with a sprinkling of other "lesser" schools mixed in. In general the farther east you go the more pedigree you obtain(Stanford the exception). Once you hit the east coast a la Harvard you have to cross to England(Oxford). Thus, you "teach down"; Boise State would(and does) have faculty from the Pac 10 and similar institutions (Ohio State).When I was in law school at U of I this theory was explicitly explained by a Harvard grad-he could teach at U of I but we could teach nowhere(there was one U of I grad on faculty-she had had a perfect record)

Following this logic, a school like Boise State simply cannot be tolerated. It has no teach down potential as it grants no PhDs and even if it did there would be nothing besides the College of Western Idaho that would allow a professor with that degree to teach. The name itself precludes it; the Ivy league elitists and their pretenders who run these schools will not allow a "drive by " university  with a city in its name to come in. A name change to U of I-Boise might make it more palatable but it would still take decades.

Further, remember these elitists revere schools who have had no athletic presence for decades, and are proud of it. The Harvard fans' taunt, while their team is losing, "that's allright, that's ok, you're gonna' work for us someday" spells this out. The Pac Men(and women) generally despise athletics and jocks(they can't  say so publilcly but its true). Most of them were pencil necked geeks or wimps who were bullied by, ignored or otherwise demeaned by the kind of guy who plays sports esp football. They watched them get all the attention and all the great girls. They dont watch sports and the few athletes they encounter on campus confirm all their worst stereotypes if they see them at all(class room attendance often an issue). They know the jocks get spoon fed through school, the coaches and staff get paid tons and never laid off,alumni short-stroke over team's accomplishments or create holy-hell when they don't perform, the athletic budget dwarfs their own and on and on. All this gets translated into an animus that explodes at the mention of Boise State.

I agree its stupid. We're just playing games for cryin' out loud. Let's be real. Stanford is academically to the Pac 10 what Boise State is in football to the WAC.USC would be the Fresno etc. That's the truth, but the truth hurts, and people avoid it. Parenthetically I saw an interview  with a girl getting a history degree from Harvard and in her jr year she owed $160,000. I can predict her history-paying off a mortgage-sized debt while working retail. My son's degree will cost at least 45% more than one from Boise State; graduate school is on him as there are no student loan programs for retirement.

What I've said here can be applied to MWC-in fact some have said it. It pisses me off. BYU, Utah-what the Harvards of the desert sands? Academics my derriere(see I gots an educayshun).

Back to the Pac- how many BCS games have Wash, Wash St., Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and Cal won in the last 5 years? How many are in a discussion for the national title next year?

Final point. Boise State's academic strides are considerable and continuing. The condescending attitudes are simply that and do not reflect anything substanitve IMO. 

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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