Hatemay Game Thoughts- Utah State Edition

Big Thanks to Crissie and Mr. Crissie for putting on a great tailgate.  We had many participants, and some new faces braving the cold to have one last gas before we go bowling.  I am hatemay, here are my game thoughts. 


Quarterback- Kellen Moore completed 70 percent of his passes..... again.  Moore terrorized the Utah State defense for a modest 243 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions.  Moore found larger than life holes in the Aggie defense and took advantage of Utah State not accounting for Kyle Efaw on numerous plays.  Throw in a scamper for a first down, and a rushing touchdown for good measure.  This performance should have solidified Moore's invitation for the Heisman Trophy Presentation in New York (not that he cares, he will probably be watching film for his upcoming bowl game in his spare time). 


Running backs-  Jeremy Avery got plenty of carries with Senior Day, and he deserved it.  Avery ran for 71 Yards on 7 carries as our offense called many run plays to the outside with our speed backs.  Titus Young also rushed for 40 yards, Doug Martin for 23, and Jarvis Hodge for 48 yards.  Boise State found a rhythm in the second half with the fly sweep of Young, and the mis-direction pitch to Avery.  Look for the coaches to use this play against (Most likely Utah) whomever we play in the Bowl game. 


Wide Receivers-  Austin Pettis had some dazzling catches Saturday night, notching 51 yards and a receiving touchdown, Ttitus Young added 34 yards, but the night belonged to Kyle Efaw, who caught 5 passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns.  The Utah State defense left him wide open all night long, including a red zone touchdown where Efaw ran right past the linebacker and had no one within 10 yards of him.  Tyler Shoemaker had limited reps.  I don't think he was as healthy as expected, but he did play in the 2nd half.  If healthier for the bowl game, look for him to have a big game for us. 


Offensive line-  Utah State brought pressure all night, and the offensive line did a good job of picking up the pressure.  I noticed that Brenel Meyers was playing guard at times, splitting time with Joe Kellogg, and also noticed Faraji Wright did not suit up for the game.  I wish I had some kind of answer for this NUGies, but I don't.  No sacks on Kellen, and as a team we rushed for 202 yards.  Well done.


Defensive line-  Got pressure to Diondre Borel, who at times can be a very slippery target.  The 2 deep defensive line turned in a solid effort.  However, Utah State did rush for 250 yards, which can't be all that great for our defense. 


Line Backers-  Derrell Acrey nabbed a pick six to start the game.  This would prove to set the tone for the play selection for Utah most of the night... running the ball.  In the 2nd half Boise reduced Utah State to two offense plays... the midline option read out of the Pistol look, and the power running play, also out of the pistol look.  I wonder where they got that brilliant idea.......  The linebackers did not cover the outside the way they needed to, and the  Utah State running corps got free on a few occasions for big runs.  At times I was a bit frusterated with the way we couldn't stop the two running plays that Utah State kept running.  Look for the Utes (yeah, it was just made official whilst hatemay has been working on this article) to use this exact same two plays to beat us on the ground.  This will be the Utes only hope, as the scared Puppy aka Jordan Wynn will not play.  The Ute staff has expressed their lack of optimism with Terrance Cain running the offense, and the Utes have two tough running backs in Matt Asiata and Eddie Wide III, who have 1200+ rushing yards between them.  Our line backers better figure it out, or it will be another night of the Pistol offense, which I like watching about as much as I like listening to Lady Gaga.... kill me now.


Defensive backs- had a great night... considering Utah State had no intention of passing, even when down multiple scores.  We did put pressure on the Utah State receivers, going man to man numerous time, and even saw George Iloka matched up man to man on the outside receiver a few times.  Look for us to put the same pressure on the Ute receivers and force Terranace Cain to beat us through the air.  Which they can't. 


Special Teams-  We saw a wrinkle out of the kick return with Mitch Burroughs taking the kick return on a reverse... only to see him get knocked out.  He didn't move for 10 seconds, I am not a Doctor, I am guessing a concussion, perhaps questionable for the bowl game...  but like I said, I am not a Doctor.  We will run a two point look from the Pettis-operated Wild Avery, I can feel it. 


Potpourri- There were some times where the offense looked like it couldn't be stopped on Saturday.  Then, there were times that looked as if our defense couldn't stop the Aggie Pistol.  So, I am looking for some more consistency in the bowl game.  I hope the coaches can get some things together that Utah hasn't seen all year.  Plus, this is the team the jumped ship from the MWC, then canceled our series with them. I don't think Doug was happy when Utah canceled our series.  Heaven help Utah, because when Doug Mad, Doug Smash.  


Looking ahead-  The Bronco's will finish the season big and will snap Utah's bowl game winning streak.  Billie Winn will have a big game as he returns to his home town of Las Vegas.  This bowl season should be a good one, as we prepare to see Gene Gizzick and his highly paid quarterback lead their high scoring offense against Chip "BC" Kelly and the no-huddle spread offense in a game that will involve little defense, and plenty of arrogance. In my opinion, Chip "BC" Kelly is nothing more than a pissed off 5 year old, and Gene Gizzick is a horses @$$ who is caught up in his own little world where he is the best coach in all the land.  I am torn as to who to root for.  By the way Bronco Nation, I will continue to write articles about things relevant to BSU football, and continue to bash the Talking Heads of ESPN aka Home Shopping Network through out the year.  I hope to see many of  you in Vegas.  You never know who might make an appearance at the game.  In fact, I already heard via Twitter, of an aging Hollywood actor/musician who may be roaming the sideline of the MAACO Las Vegas Bowl.  Can anyone guess as to who I am referring?  See you there Bronco Nation.

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