Feelin' Your Pain

Hi Folks,

I'm new to your site but started paying attention after your loss this past weekend. I wrote the following reply to a post by TwinFalls.  It was requested that it be re-posted so here it is.

I read your post and wanted to make a few points to take the edge off:

A. I have been a Florida State football fan since I was a youngster. However, I became a Boise State fan in 2007. I was sitting in a sports bar in Atlanta surrounded by Alabama fans. They were a few months from hiring Nick Saban and were still struggling to remind people how great they were. For some reason, a whole group of them decided they couldn’t stand BSU because you guys were not football royalty. The small school “BCS party crashers” were pretenders and didn’t have any right to be in the BCS along with the big boys. They were pulling for Oklahoma and being very obnoxious which was annoying the other two thirds of the bar. This started to bother my girlfriend and I so much that she spontaneously said “You know, I don’t appreciate you bashing my alma mater like that.” Well, you can imagine how things went after that. The bar became very raucous with the Bama fans rooting for Oklahoma and everybody else rooting for Boise State. Every play, every comeback Boise made caused the place to explode. People were giving us high fives, filling our glasses from their pitchers and generally heaping tons of abuse on the Alabama fans. And when Oklahoma scored, the Alabama fans whooped and shouted insults, usually directly at us. When things went into overtime, we knew we were watching something special. And when Zabransky faked the pass and snuck the ball to Johnson to score the two point conversion and win, the roof came down. We were all jumping up and down, screaming and hollering like we really were alma mater from Boise State University. Everyone in the bar was congratulating us on a phenomenal football game. The Alabama fans disappeared like cock roaches when the light comes on. Not only was that a great night but it really was an unbelievable football game. It was one for the ages and the Broncos now have one of the top five greatest football games ever. ( Also, every other non-major BCS school will forever be in your debt because you kicked the door open and allowed them to dream bigger. And ever since then, my soon to be wife and I consider ourselves honorary alumni of Boise State University.

2. I disagree that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Chris Peterson is a fantastic coach. He does more with the talent he has than just about anybody else coaching college football. And high school football players have noticed. In 2002, the entire recruiting class was two star. In 2009, over half the class was three star. This year’s class has a four star. Now THAT is a growing program. Coach Peterson has built the program the right way. He reminds me a lot of Coach Bowden. It’s obvious how much he loves football. Your program didn’t get to this point overnight and it won’t go away overnight. Boise State will be a top ten team every year until as long as Coach Peterson is there. And even if he goes, this program is now a destination program and other good coaches will want to take advantage of the momentum you have.

D. If losses aren’t painful, then you aren’t playing for something important. Do you remember the 1991 Wide Right kick that cost FSU a trip to the national championship and gave us a loss to our hated rival Miami? That missed kick made FSU synonymous with missed field goals. ( I was at that game and almost threw up. Literally. It does hurt terribly and can make you want to give up on your team, college football and life in general. Not even a three day bender can cure it. But losses like that make the victories that much sweeter. Two years after botching the field goal, FSU played for and won the national championship and I did throw up (but that was the hunch punch’s fault).

So keep the faith my brothas from another program. The future is still bright.

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