The Mikrino Poll: Man, I would hate to be Utah State right now.

Welcome Bronco Nation, and all you haters out there, I see you too.

Haters Gonna Hate

Join me one last time this regular season for the Mikrino Poll. Of course we will have a Bowl Week Poll as well. And man will I feel sorry for the poor saps who get the Broncos in some worthless bowl, because they'll easily be going against the best team in the country outside of the BCS Title game. You heard me TCU, the Big East sucks.

Let us have a moment of prayer and supplication;

Dear God/Bronco Fan of the highest order,

Please let whichever BIG10 team that gets TCU in the Rose Bowl deliver a crushing defeat. I pray you send Wisconsin, who will drop 70 on the Horned Frogs and not think twice about it. May it be swift and furious. May the ginger kid lose a limb. May Gary Patterson lose his pants in more ways than one. Let all the Broncos chasing records reach their goals. Shine on them this week. May Your blue and orange will be done. Amen.

I am now going to go into how I think Utah State will get absolutely crushed this week. I really hope Coach Pete let's these guys have at it, and turns them loose. Utah State isn't good, and no amount of crazy defensive scheming by Gary Andersen will change that in three days. There have already been reports that the Broncos are practicing with a certain determination this week. Lookout. You thought they were motivated before, Diondre Borel, I don't want to be you.


Billy Winn has a prediction. It is PAIN. Lots of PAIN.

Losses are never fun. Losses are great teaching moments. I hope it teaches the Broncos that they never want to lose again. Ever. But realistically, it is part of the game. For every winner, there's a loser. Boise State took their biennial loss last week. Look at it this way, we got two or three more years of winning to look forward to! AWESOME! Anybody else excited? Can I get a show of hands?


Two hands? Kellen is really excited. Shouldn't you be too?

Here's the plain and simple truth. And probably a nice pick-me-up for those of you still wallowing in disbelief and morose grief. Don't be so sullen, Boise State is still one of the top teams in the nation. That didn't go away with a close OT loss to a ranked opponent with help from cheating goalposts, and inept referees. They have ONE loss. It was a toughie, I'll give you that. But it's time to Bronco Up as it were, and get on to the next game. Speaking of the next game, who's in for a shutout and less than 100 yards of offense allowed? I know I am. The only difference between Boise State's loss and any other one-loss team is there's came at season's end, with no time to make it back up with a win streak. So I say it's three games worth of yardage they put on Utah State to make up for it.


Is it just me, or does it look like there is no way that arm is going to make it? Helmet? What helmet?

Utah State has never had very good luck against the Broncos. They're 4-12 against the Broncos all-time, the last win coming in 1997. Since then, they've been consumed by a legacy of suck. The Aggies do hold two wins in Bronco Stadium (1975,1996). But that was before defending The Blue became commonplace. Since 2000 the average game score between these two squads is 53-20 in favor of the Broncos. In fact the lowest scoring game for the Broncos in that span is 45 points. Utah State is 0-3 this year against ranked opponents. Boise State is a ranked opponent. Utah State is something like 0-49 against ranked opponents on the road. This is a road game for the Aggies. I feel good about our chances.

This week's poll is the first one I've done following a loss. Imagine that. You'd think maybe I'd tone it down and be a little more humble. You'd be wrong.


Onto the poll.

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