The Mikrino Poll: Reason number one Hawaii loses this game; 59 straight regular season home wins. Sorry Warriors.

Welcome once again to the Mikrino Poll. A fun-filled journey in homerism, elitist behavior(read:me), and more twinkies than you can shake a stick at. Hooray! Greg McMackin will feel right at home. Sticks, not so much.




I was joking Coach, don't give me that look.


Have a twinkie.


Hawaii has two losses. To USC and Colorado. They're 7-2, and they sit unranked, even though Nevada, whom they beat, is now at 23rd in the BCS standings. So I will go out on a limb here and say Boise State will beat Nevada by two more touchdowns than they beat Hawaii by. And I think Hawaii will lose by at least 4 scores themselves. Hawaii is back to being their usual pesky self, to pretty much everyone except Boise State. Except now they seem to have some semblance of a defense, or at least it looks that way. Let's explore shall we.

Total Defense - 38th - Boise State total offense - 5th

Scoring Defense - 46th - Boise State scoring offense -  2nd

Rushing Defense - 52nd - Boise State rushing offense - 17th 

Passing Defense - 39th - Boise State passing offense - 11th

Hawaii is not necessarily a "top" defense, nor have they played many top offenses, but they will on Saturday. They largely contained the Nevada rushing attack, currently ranked 5th, only giving up only 134 yards, but did allow the Wolf Pack to hang around in a 27-21 win. In their two losses however they gave up 498 yards and 3 TDs on the ground, on only 87 carries. That's an average of 5.72 yards per carry, friends. Boise State is averaging 5.6 ypc so far this season. It's easy to say the Broncos will test that run defense since I'm sure Broncos coaches have seen some weaknesses there. Like they haven't had to face a lot of running since most of their games have been blowouts. Don't let their rank fool you. Every game they allowed less than, or close to, 100 yards were blowout wins. It's safe to say their opponents had abandoned their run games. But that isn't where this game will be decided.

This is; Boise State's Pass Defense.

Listen up Bronco faithful, and get some good learnin' on how this ought to pan out. Bryant Moniz is having fun playing against bad pass defenses. Hawaii likes to pass, so that helps. But Hawaii hasn't faced a pass defense ranked above 33rd(Army). Aside from Fresno(34th) and Idaho(72nd) every other opponent ranks lower than 100th in pass defense.

Utah State -100

Nevada -104

Colorado - 112

USC - 114

LA Tech - 118

Newflash; Boise State's Pass Defense is really good.

For those of you hyperventilating at the thought of Brandyn Thompson, Jamar Taylor, and company going up against the nation's top passing offense, re-read that last paragraph above and take a look at this below.

2010 National Leaders Passing Defense - All Games through 10/30/2010

Name G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
1 TCU 9 220 109 49.5 1071 4.9 7 7 94.58 24.4 119.0
2 Texas 8 201 117 58.2 1183 5.9 9 5 117.45 25.1 147.9
3 Nebraska 8 229 108 47.2 1184 5.2 7 13 89.33 28.6 148.0
4 LSU 8 204 113 55.4 1196 5.9 6 8 106.51 25.5 149.5
5 Ohio State 9 241 132 54.8 1352 5.6 4 15 94.92 26.8 150.2
6 West Virginia 8 212 123 58.0 1205 5.7 7 8 109.12 26.5 150.6
7 Miami (Florida) 8 209 109 52.2 1220 5.8 4 15 93.15 26.1 152.5
8 Boise State 7 183 102 55.7 1127 6.2 6 6 111.73 26.1 161.0
9 Air Force 9 238 132 55.5 1476 6.2 7 9 109.71 26.4 164.0
10 Utah 8 202 111 55.0 1320 6.5 6 7 112.71 25.3 165.0


What you see there is the nation's top ten passing defenses. See number EIGHT. You're welcome, now commence regular breathing. Boise State's secondary is good. Yes, even after the Sonny Dykes Experiment. Guess what is going to make them even better this week? I'll tell you, but you'll have to rec this post because last week ruined my streak of consecutive polls being rec'd at least three times. Go on and rec it, you can keep reading after.


Here's what will insure the Boise State Pass Defense gobbles up Bryant Moniz passes like the Cookie Monster at a Girl Scout Cookie stand; 2nd and 111th.

What's that you wonder? Boise State's rushing defense rank against Hawaii's rushing offense rank. I said earlier Hawaii likes to pass right? Well that's an understatement. Hawaii likes to pass like Daniel Tosh likes to show naked men gyrating on Tosh.0. It's pretty much all they do.

Hawaii has 192 carries this season. That's the least amount in the FBS by 22 carries. 22 carries is an entire game for Hawaii. They pass more than 2/3 of the time. They average 96.22 ypg on the ground. Boise State's rushing defense allows 75.43 ypg. Can you say, playing into the hands of your opponent? One thing we know, if they invoke the memory of June Jones, they will NOT abandon the passing game no matter what. Being behind by 40 points will help that decision.

Expect to see the 4-2-5 this weekend. They won't load the box, because they won't need to. Lots of nickel packages, and lots of 4 man pressure on Bryant Moniz. Let we forget, Moniz did next to nothing last year in Honolulu against the Broncos.

Statbook; 27of47 214 yards 3 INTs 1 TD(their only) and a Rating of 89.95(He was on sale). Oh yeah and they lost 54-9.

How'd the Bronco defense do last year?

Statbook; 56 Tackles(52 solo), 1 Sack, 7 PBUs, 5 Hurries, 3 Forced Fumbles, 4 TFLs (10 yards), 3 INTs, and they allowed 9 points, and 307 total yards. This was an AWAY GAME.

All things being obvious, the Boise State defense has only improved from last year. Rest easy Bronco fans, I foresee lots of points and lots of good defensive play. Onto the poll.

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