My conversation with a former kicker who went wide right twice and is a bitter jerk

If you don't know who Xavier Beitia is here is a quick run down from Wiki...

At Florida State, Beitia was well known for having missed a potential game-winning field goal against Miami (Fla.). The kick went wide left as time expired in 2002, in what would continue the bizarre "Wide Right" saga. Beitia's miss at the Miami Orange Bowl was dubbed "Wide Left I," and it affected him openly and deeply.[1]

More than one year later, Beitia missed another field goal in the 2004 Orange Bowl which would have given the Noles the lead with about five minutes left. The Miami Hurricanes went on to win that game, 16-14.

He is on the Kyle Brotzman Sucks page so I emailed him and called him out here is what followed. I tried to be diplomatic.

Between Xavier Beitia and You

James Ward November 29 at 9:49pm You of all people bashing another kicker? I was a kicker also and you know how rough it is. I can't believe another kicker would openly criticize a brother in arms. You should be ashamed of yourself. Yes they were very easy kicks but you and I both know that there are no real easy kicks. I hope you rethink your comments and your membership to a page that openly says a young man sucks. If anything YOU should contact him and find a way to help him out. Help him move on and know that there is life after missing big kicks. I hope that you take my ideas to heart and stop criticizing Kyle Brotzman.

Xavier Beitia November 29 at 9:51pm Report Dude the guy sucks, plain and simple, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder would have made those, if he wants help, he needs to go see a psychiatrist, just sayin man, not trying to be harsh but i went through it, he'll be fine.


James Ward November 29 at 9:55pm Have you even looked at his stats? Pretty impressive really. I'm sorry that your so bitter about who knows what but don't you think that it would go along way in both your's and his life if you reached out and tried to help him? Just saying. By the way I'm pretty sure BSU or TCU would curb stomp the ACC and Big Easy week in and week out.


\ Xavier Beitia November 29 at 9:57pm Report LMAO, yeah thats a real joke man, BSU couldnt beat Nevada in a high school stadium, hey would get murdered against FSU and The U.


James Ward November 29 at 10:05pm Yes. FSU has been sooooooooo good this year. They lost to NC and NC State. Two of the finest football programs in the Nation. After VT smacks them around in the ACC championship game I hope we play them in our Bowl game and then you will see first hand how good we are. Congrats on being a washed up bitter douche who enjoys people's pain and suffering. Good luck in your bitter life and I hope to GOD we play you in the bowl game.


Xavier Beitia November 29 at 10:09pm Report You know what man, you're right, I would personally like to reach out to Kyle and help him through this, Im not a bitter douche like you say, I like to joke around thats how I am, Im sorry if you took it the wrong way, I would like to help this young man get through this tough situation


James Ward November 29 at 10:15pm I hope so. It is hard to convey tone in email. I'm sorry I jumped down you and your teams throat. FSU is a fine program. Good luck to you in the future and I really do hope you reach out to Kyle. I'm sure he would appreciate it. You have a wonderful opportunity and I hope that you take advantage of it. I still hope we play FSU in a bowl this year because I think we would open your eyes as to how good of a team we are. Have a good night and i appreciate you talking to me. Not to often I get to exchange emails with a former NFL player.


Xavier Beitia November 29 at 10:16pm Report Sike, I got better things to do man...


So what should we do?

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