Hatemay Game thoughts- Nevada Edition

Trust me.... this hurts. I will be giving a very fair analysis of this game.  My goal is to not throw any of our beloved players under the bus during this article.


Quarterback-  Kellen Moore had a good game.  Moore was 20-31 with 348 yards passing, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.  Moore played well despite Nevada bringing defensive pressure and rotating the different looks with Dontay Moch.  Not to help Moore's stats were 4 dropped passes, two of which came on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter.  Moore played a very good game, it is sad that this loss probabaly drops him off the Heisman radar (not that I think he will win, because he won't, but it would be cool to have a Bronco get an official invite). 


Running back.  Doug Martin had far and away his best game.  Martin rushed 24 times for 152 yards, averaging just over 6 yards a rush.  Martin broke numerous tackles and gashed the Nevada defense all night long.  To add to his rushing totals Martin added 3 receptions for 78 yards respectively.  One thing I didn't like was that we didn't use enough Wild Avery or CP3 triple option with the hard running of Doug Martin. 


Wide Receivers- As mentioned before, we had far too many drops.  It is tough to speculate the outcome of this game, but with two of the drops coming on consecutive plays in the opening series of this game gave new life to the Nevada Wolf Pack and took away any points we may have added, be it 3 or 7 points.  31-7 puts us in a commanding lead as opposed to a 24-7 forced punt and new life.  Add another drop by Young on a deep ball, and a drop by Mitch Burroughs didn't help the offensive momentum for us in the 2nd half.  Notice Tyler Shoemaker was not a factor in this game.  I, Hatemay, saw Tyler Shoemaker talking with (I assume family, and/or friends) after the game last week, and his ankle was wrapped in in what appeared to be an aircast surrounded by ace bandage, or perhaps a horseshoe surrounded by ace bandage. (For those of you un-aware what a horseshoe is used for, when a player sustains an ankle injury, to reduce swelling the trainer cuts out a piece of foam in the shape of a horseshoe and applies that around the ball of the ankle and wraps in firmly with ace bandage. At the end of the day, the horseshoe has reduced swelling in the effected area.)   Long story short, Shoemaker was not 100 % and it hurt.


Offensive line-  Good to see Joe Kellog back from injury. We did give up two sacks which brings our Kellen Sack total to (Correct me if I am wrong) 4 for the season.  Martin had a field day with the defense rushing and receiving.   Credit must go to our big men for opening those holes up front.


Defensive line-  This is where it gets a little tricky for Hatemay.  I could see that our d-line, at times did get some pressure to Kaepernick, but being the illusive target he is, did escape on occasion.  I knew coming into the game that we could not blitz all night long because of the respect to the gap assignments.  Our defensive line did not give up the big play on the ground, but allowed the Nevada to chip away with long drives.  


Line backers- Yeah, Byron,we miss you pal.  His speed and strength added a big presense in stopping the run of the pistol.  Our line backers occasionally abandoned their key assignments and looked in the backfield and it hurt us. The option is assignment football.  When one person on the defense blows their assignment, we get blown. And it showed.  


Defensive backs-  Okay.  I will try to go easy.  Brandyn Thompson- you are a senior, and last night you played like a freshman.  Making late breaks, and going for the pick resulted in a TD for Nevada.  Knowing Nevada's offense, they don't attack well down field, so most of the damage comes from the 15-20 yard out routes, and that was the game plan all night long for Nevada.  And why is  pass interference becoming our method to stop the passing game??????  


Special Teams-  Lets keep some perspective.  Brotzman is the last person I want in the clutch to come through for us.  We could have helped our own cause much earlier.  Dropped passes, lackluster 2nd half, blown defense all put Kyle Brotzman in that position.  And yes, he should have made that field goal.  There are kids at Borah or Capital High that can make that kick.  It's all mental.  This is why football is about life.  In life, how well do we execute the tasks with which we are assigned?  If we are a student are we getting things done in the classroom?  Parents, are you raising children in a healthy way?  Teachers are you educating?  Laborers are you building firm edifices?   Chris Roberson did his job with a great snap, Austin Pettis did his job with a clean hold, and 8 other line man held their ground to secure a good path for the ball, now Brotzman blew his job.  That is why it is so important to prepare MENTALLY and physically.  I knew when he was making his warm up kick on the field that he would not make it. He had the same look on his face that Tyrod Taylor had on his face after we took the lead with a minute to go against VT.  The, "Oh s&!t" look.  It hurts, it really does.  But, like I said earlier, it can't all be hung on him, but we had a chance, and in life, we don't always get chances to come up big like that, and we even rarely get chances to redeem ourselves.  I hope this does not effect the other aspects of Brotzmans life for the future to come for him.  Time for his team to rally around him.


Potpourri-  Yeah, this loss blows harder than 8 guys blowing 9 guys, it really does.  Look what these Bronco's have accomplished...... Fiesta Bowl and college's longest win streak.  Even last years NC winner has lost 3 times this year.  This will be a wake up call to all of the Bronco Nation, yes we can lose a game and the sun (or in Boise) the snow still comes up tomorrow.  Keep a little prespective.  There are children starving in the world, there is a young man that brought out a mini hammer with Shea McLellin's real hammer that might not live to see the age at which I am at,  there are other programs coached by a horses @$$ (Oregon, Bama, Auburn), we have 1st class players who represent their family, our  city, and the University in a pleasing way, and we have blue turf.  


Looking ahead-  Next week is senior day.  I  am still attending this game (and hopefully a tailgate), I plan on buying season tickets next year, I plan on wearing blue and orange this week, and I plan on us having an inspired performance against Utah State.  The system is flawed.  A great Boise state team that was one loss away from playing a NC game, gets handed a loss and now is getting a meaningless (in terms of $$$$$$$ and prestige) Bowl game.  How does that work?  The worse part is a Big East Team with 4 or 5 losses will get a BCS game and we won't.  It sucks, it really does.  We must get some form of AQ status ( I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Thanks Utah, BYU and maybe TCU), or the system must be changed, involving a geographical playoff/bowl system, or (I am not a huge fan of this either) the SuperConfrence BS talk starts again and we eventually get invited into one of those.  I don't know Bronco Nation.  I don't have all the answers.

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