An Open Letter to Bronco Nation

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Go Broncos! The new streak starts Saturday!

Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman said it best in his article summarizing Boise State’s defeat on a cold and memorable night in November.  “It was the Blackest of Fridays...”  Like most in Bronco Nation I will always remember Black Friday 2010, and not because I got a 52 inch LCD TV for $150 bucks on a 7:00 am Best Buy door buster.  I will remember the night that our 24-game winning streak ended.  I’ll remember the night the mighty Broncos, who had so often been the victors in some of the most memorable moments in football history, finally stumbled and couldn’t recover.  But just as our players will learn from this defeat, Bronco Nation has some learning to do too.

Bronco Nation isn’t about entitlement.  We aren’t entitled to undefeated seasons over and over and over.  At the heart of Bronco Nation is a workman like blue collar attitude that we will fight on, even in the face of adversity.  When we lose, and we know that we rarely do, we tip our hat to the opponent and respect their efforts.  We stay a team.  We don’t throw one of our own to the lions and turn our backs on everything this great program stands for.  No one player is responsible for our loss on Friday night in Nevada.  No one play was responsible for our loss.  On Friday night the collective efforts of players and coaches on each side of the ball were tested in the most perfect way we know how.  They played on the field.  No polls. No opinions. Just two opposing sides in an epic struggle that was thrilling and agonizing all in one.

Friday nights game was a script for why we should play every game in college football.  Why it is so hard to win every game, every time.  Nevada took aim at the huge target that developed on the Broncos, and for the first time in nearly two years they stunned our beloved team.

Bronco Nation, Stand up for your team.  Their blood, sweat, tears and heart, make this program and this community richer every fall.  We all rejoice in the joy of victory.  That is easy, who doesn’t love a winner.  Our character as a “nation” will be tested now that we have a loss.  Don’t turn on players or coaches or officials.  Stand up and be proud of our team and every individual involved with this program. Show this nation what Bronco Nation is all about.  A blue collar team that can win and lose with respect and dignity for itself, its player and its opponents.  Hats off to Nevada.  And to the players of the 2010 team that could have been.....Don’t hang your head for even one minute.  Do what your leader and our leader says to do every week.  Get ready for Utah State, prepare like everything was still on the line and work to be the best team that you can be regardless of what the polls, and the media say.

I follow Boise State football, not just because we win, but because the principles the program is built upon are so rare.  Principles like, team work, integrity, and respect.  These principles and many other amazing qualities have produced the most uncommon results imaginable.  Our team has shown us on and off the field that they are worthy of our admiration and faithful following.  Now Bronco Nation needs to show our team that we are worthy to be a part of this great movement we call Bronco Nation.  It starts with me.....

Note: My dad wrote this this morning, and asked me to post it here.

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