My Open Letter To The Boise State Broncos

Dear Boise State Bronco Players, Coaches, and Staff,

I have had a few hours to sit and calm myself down from such a emotional loss and this is what I have come up with.

I know that if I am as broken up as I am over this loss, I can only imagine what you all are feeling right now. Having played competitive sports throughout my life, there is no doubt that losing sucks. A lot. To have that loss broadcast to possibly millions, well that's a pain I will never know. I'm sorry that you all have to know that pain.

Know this though. We, the humble and gracious citizens of Bronco Nation, are still here. We will continue to be here. Through thick and think, better or worse, Idaho and Nevada, we will be here to support you, cheer for you, sport our team colors proudly. I will proudly wear my BSU hoodie around all day tomorrow knowing that it's going to, more than likely, put a target on my back for teasing, name calling and general harassment. It doesn't matter though because I am a true fan. I'm not only here for the highest of the highs, but also the lowest of the lows.

There is no doubt that we are in one of those low spots right now, but I, along with all of the other true BSU fans, know that this is only a minor speed bump in the road of life. This team will bounce back and is going to be a better team because of what happened tonight. It definitely may not seem like it now, but I truly believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason.

Specifically to you Kyle, I can only imagine the weight that is on your shoulders and on your heart right now. My best advice to you man, is to just let it go. By no means is this a similar situation, but as a goalie in ice hockey I know the pain and suffering that can sometimes come when the game is put on shoulders and you aren't able to deliver. The past is the past, forget about November 26th, 2010. You have done so many great things for this team in your career that this does not even come close to tarnishing your legacy. You did not become the school and WAC's all-time leading scorer by shear luck. You earned by hitting clutch kick after clutch kick for us. I have not, nor will I ever, forget that. Instead I'm saluting you for all that you've done for us. For example, without that beautiful pass to Kyle Efaw in last year's Fiesta Bowl off of the fake punt, we probably don't win that game, but you were there. That is just one of the many highlights in your long list of contributions to this Boise State team.

As you are welcomed back home to Boise tonight, I only wish that I could be there to lead the heroes welcome that you boys rightfully deserve. Instead I'm here on my couch in Seattle to tell you we are truly blessed to be fans of such a great football. SO, ON BEHALF OF A GRATEFUL BRONCO NATION, THANK YOU!

-Derek B.

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