WHO WON THIS WEEKEND - Results that impacted Boise State's BCS position

Fairly good results if you're a bronco fan. We lost quite a few of the very small battles that add up to small help in the computer. The big games mostly went as expected with the exception of a nice Oregon State win over USC. TCU's lead over Boise State in the BCS is now .0135, which is tiny. The frustrating part is the computers. All six computers rank TCU over Boise State. Had more of the small computer victories taken place, things could have looked differently in the standings.

Category: The Obvious

Virginia Tech over Miami (31-17): That was hard to watch for 3 quarters, but the Hokies pulled it off. Don't underestimate the importance of this VT win.

Oklahoma over Baylor (53-24)
: Where or where are TCU's quality wins, oh where or where could they be?

Toledo over Bowling Green (33-14): After beating up on Bowling Green, the Rockets have a good chance to finish 8-4 with their final game next week against Central Michigan (3-8). TCU’s comparable opponent, SMU, is 5-5 and figures to finish 6-6.

Marshall over SMU (17-31): SMU was expected to win this game and is now 6-5. They likely won't be favored at East Carolina next week.

Nevada over New Mexico State (52-6): The showdown is officially on.

Oregon State over USC (36-7): What a pleasant surprise. Welcome back to football, Beavers.

Wyoming over Colorado State (44-0): Where the heck was this Wyoming team against UNLV and New Mexico?

Cal over Stanford (14-48): Cal used up all its energy stopping Oregon's offense last week.

Ole Miss over LSU (36-43): I thought they played defense in the SEC. Nonetheless, I think the voters will punish LSU for this showing. LSU not as legitimate of a threat without the human support.

Category: Not So Obvious

Utah State over Idaho (6-28): The computers won't care about this outcome, but it would have been nice to face a Utah State team playing for its bowl eligibility in the last game to avoid SOS scrutiny.

Hawaii over San Jose State (41-7): Both are on the schedule, but Hawaii has a legitimate shot at being ranked by season’s end. Two computers have UH ranked #24. They should win their remaining games and finish 10-3. The big one for BSU will be their finale against TCU’s opponent, UNLV.

Michigan over Wisconsin (28-48): Wisconsin has a Starting QB-less Northwestern at home in their finale. Unless Ohio State loses to Michigan, Wisconsin is Rose Bowl bound.

Ohio St over Iowa (20-17): Ohio State still holds out hope that Wisconsin will lose to Northwestern. Good luck.

San Diego State over Utah (34-38):The Aztecs gave this game away and Utah will stay ranked.

Arkansas over Mississippi State (38-31): A confident Arkansas team has a better chance of beating pesky LSU next week if they are coming off a win. Plus, if Mississippi State had pulled the upset, there was a chance they would jump Nevada while Arkansas may not drop behind the Wolfpack.

Nebraska vs. Texas A&M (6-9): The Big XII hurt itself it it wanted to grab two BCS spots. On the down side, both A&M and Nebraska are surely to be ahead of Nevada now, moving the Wolfpack down a spot.

Category: Thousandths of BCS Computer Points

Illinois over Northwestern (48-27): Good for Fresno's SOS. Now let's see if Pat Hill can get it together and beat these guys.

Cincinnati over Rutgers (69-38): Fresno’s opening week win has been downgraded due to to Cincy’s subpar season, but they sure did show some offense in this game and are now 4-6.

South Florida over Pitt (10-17): Pitt just now became bowl eligible and they'll likely be playing the the Fiesta Bowl. That makes me sick.

Army over Notre Dame (3-27)
: Notre Dame beat Utah 28-3. Army (6-5) is one point better than Utah.

UNLV over Air Force (20-35): UNLV’s out of conference schedule is littered with WAC opponents (3) including a game against Hawaii in the finale. Air Force, on the other hand, has no WAC opponents on its schedule. This one would have been nice but wasn't a huge deal and would have been a pretty big upset.

UCLA over Washington (7-24): Washington shares BYU as a common opponent with TCU while UCLA only shares Oregon State as TCU's common opponent. This game shouldn't tip any computers in favor of TCU, but these tiny victories are nice to get.

Purdue over Michigan State (31-35): Did Purdue lose this game on purpose?

James Madison over Maine (14-10): JMU is now 6-5 with a win over Virginia Tech. Barf.

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