BlogPoll Week Twelve: Should Auburn be downgraded due to Newton allegations?

Apart from any teams above them losing, Boise State couldn't have asked for a better weekend. TCU struggles, catches fire, and then struggles again. Utah and Baylor lose. Cal showed the blueprint on how to beat Oregon. And Auburn displayed that they are a one-man show and public opinion of that man is souring by the minute.

Never doubt the wisdom of Coach Pete: "These things have a way of working out." Pete and the Broncos continue to take it one game at a time, while Patterson and TCU looked tight while trying to make a statement. With BSU already bounding back in front of TCU in the human polls and with only hapless New Mexico on the slate for the Horned Frogs, it is only a matter of time for the Broncos to overtake TCU in the computers as well. The Colley Matrix is the lone BCS computer that lets you set hypothetical situations and see how the formula will respond. By adding the next three wins for BSU and a victory for TCU over the Lobos, Boise State will easily surpass TCU in that poll.

With eyes focused on the unbeaten four, there were other games of interest this weekend. How should Wisconsin be rewarded for putting 83 on Indiana? Can LSU climb into the national title game even if they do not win their own conference? Join in after the jump and give your comments on how the one-loss teams fit in the picture.


As in past weeks, a formula [fixed link] that gives teams credit for FBS wins of the opponents they beat and penalizes them for the losses of the teams they lost to is used as a starting point to arrange the order of the poll. Losing to an undefeated team is akin to beating a winless opponent. Teams are then rearranged by how impressive they looked that week. As the season progresses, there will be less movement and the formula will carry more weight. The prior week's poll is not considered, and there is no provision for margin of victory. 

Moving up

  • Oklahoma State -  Nebraska gets pulled up since they have the head-to-head edge over Oklahoma State.
  • Arkansas -  Home date with LSU to end the season could have major BCS implications
  • Virginia Tech -  The human voters have began to forgive the Hokies for the JMU loss - the computers still haven't

Moving down

  • Oregon - At best Oregon's twelve opponents will have a combined 52 FBS victories. Auburn opponents will have at least 66.
  • Utah - Not sure that the losing is done for the Utes. San Diego State (overrated in their own right) is up next before the Holy War with BYU.

Your turn

Who was left out of the poll that deserves to be in?  Should two-loss Temple or Northern Illinois crack the top 25?  Final poll will be submitted Wednesday morning, so let your voice be heard until then (and after then, I guess).

[Note by Kevan Lee, 11/16/10 9:11 AM MST ]

Updated BlogPoll is here. Thanks for the feedback.

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