Hatemay Gamethoughts-Nasty and Inebriated Edition

Bronco Nation- aren't you glad we don't have a head coach who looks like Mr. Potato Head?  Or a head coach who talks out of the side of his mouth and is insolent toward the halftime interviewer?  I love coach Petersen.  I am hatemay, and here are my game thoughts. 


Quarterbacks-  Kellen did a good job this game.  I think Idaho did a good job of stopping the deep pass (minus the Titus touchdown) so Kellen continued to take what the defense gave him.  Good job.  What was with Southwick and Coughlin?  I know they get limited action and all, but Southwick looked like he never played quarterback before.  We need to get some of that ironed out.  I am not calling for us to burn Hendrick's red shirt over this but we need to keep things going with our 2nd string offense. 


Running backs-  Doug Martin did a great job this game of being patient and letting things open up in front of him.  The first touchdown run of Martin's was something of a shadow of things as they are between the two teams.  Martin, the physical, fast, dominant runner, meets a college athlete in the hole, and Martin steam rolls him.  The more physical, talented, confident runner gets the best of the man he met in the hole.  Just like BSU-UI game.  We are better, faster, stronger, quicker, better coached, and above all... more civil and sober.... I love it.  Avery played well this game in his Wild Avery and as a fly sweep man.  Good job by the coaches to exploit Avery's quickness and still keep Doug Martin maintaining the bulk of the carries. 


Wide Receivers-  Titus had a great game.  Kellen took what the Idaho "defense" gave him.  Mixing in a few routes to Shoe, and Gabe Linehan.  We need to reduce the dropped passes.  Geraldo Hiwatt is making contributions when they matter, and Tutus provides a good deep decoy when we run the jail break screen to Mitch Burroughs.


Offensive line-  Great job.  Faraji Wright is doing well of the bench for us.  Our 2nd string o-line needs to protect our qb better.  Good job big boys. 


Defensive line-  Had pressure all night long on the great Nathan Enderle.  Once again our reserves, TAT, Nisby, Crawford and Root were a problem not to mention Chase Baker, Shea McCllelin, Billy Winn, and Ryan Winterswyk getting pressure on the Vandal QB's.  Our d-line continued to shift, and confuse the opposing offensive line. 


Line backers-  Winston Venable will be giving nightmares to Nathan Enderle for at least a week.  Our LB corp played solid.  Does anyone know what happened to Byron Hout?  I didn't see him after mid way through the 3rd quarter.  Not a lot stood our to me from our LB corp but  that means I saw nothing to cause alarm.


Defensive backs-  Forced two turnovers from our defensive backs.  Jerrell Gavins had another good game as the slot defender. The BSU defenders played well.  But Thompson needs to play like a 3 year starter the whole time he plays... not just most of the game.


Special Teams-  Chris Potter is a great return man.  Now that Mitch Burroughs is back I do want to see Mitch return more than he did against Idaho.  Burroughs has more speed than Potter, but Potter does make good decisions and gets what he can each time.  I like Coach Choate putting Avery and Gavins back to receive kicks.  Avery is very dangerous in the open field.  Hopefully our punt return can figure out how to prevent any future teams from running two fakes for big yards.  The bright spot is, our defense limited the opposing team to two successful plays.  Pretty good in my book, considering that one of those plays was only ran twice and ran once when the game was way out of reach.  Yeah, good one Akey, you got us on that one.  Oh well, our team mopped up that poor excuse of a stadium with your under achieving team.  So, as always, we get the last laugh.


Potpourri-  It was a great feeling to be in Moscow for the game and give those Vandal fans a tall glass of shut the hell up before Kellen even took the field.  Good job Chris Potter.  I hope that is the last time we play the Vandals.  Their players will get the crap knocked out of them each play and be losing 48-0, and yet they will still tell the Bronco's that they are the better team.  I love it.  As I write this article, the Pistol offense is jammed in the Central Valley.  Please Chris Ault, run more than two plays and you might win this game.  Utah showed excactly how bad they are.  Yes, and they might lose two more games. Looking ahead to Patricia Hill and the Fresno State Bulldogs, they do pose a few problems.  Robbie Rouse is a good running back, but Ryan Colburn is still an average quarterback.  I'm sure he is hoping that Winston Venable is (for some strange reason) ineligible for this upcoming game.  If you haven't made a tailgate yet... I strongly recommend that you make it for this game (if we have one.. I am pretty sure we will). My prediction for the game this Friday, 48-10.

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