Who won this weekend that impacted BSU's poll positioning (Whether you rooted or not)

Chris Durfesne of the LA Times tweeted it perfectly: "If there isn't a poll/BCS swing back toward Boise on Sunday somebody call the cops..." Other than a few games here and there, Boise State couldn't have had a better weekend of results that help their poll cause. If TCU isn't punished for Utah's horrible loss combined with their narrow defeat of SDSU, there is definitely a double standard going on here. If Boise State gets beat up for beating teams by 29 points at home, TCU surely must be scrutinized for narrowly winning at home. Even Coach Patterson seemed a bit nervous after the win. Have fun checking out the results. Can't win them all, but we sure got some good ones.

Category: The Obvious

San Diego State over TCU (35-40): Notice this game isn't crossed off as a loss for Boise State's cause. San Diego State took the Frogs down to the wire in Fort Worth. That result and the Utah loss should be enough to have Boise State rejump TCU in the human polls. If its not, I will cry foul because voters use every excuse imaginable to dock the Broncos. This is a legit excuse to dock TCU.

Virginia Tech over North Carolina (26-10): This game was scary early, but only because the Hokies couldn't get in the end zone after impressive drives. They finally put some TDs together and their defense picked off UNC left and right. Boise State is hanging its hat on the Va Tech win... what is TCU's signature win now that Utah is proven to be a fraud? Perhaps voters will take this in to consideration.

Texas A&M over Baylor (42-30): This game was very significant because Baylor would have likely been ranked had they beaten A&M. I have a feeling that, as of tomorrow night, TCU will have zero ranked teams on their schedule. That is fantastic. Which victory does TCU have to hang it's hat on?

Notre Dame over Utah (28-3): This was excellent. Voting Obnuggies got what they wanted and more with this win. This Utah loss was so ugly that not only will TCU be hurt in the computers, but the voters almost have to second guess their decision to leapfrog TCU over Boise State for a win over an obviously overrated Utah team.

Wyoming over UNLV (16-42): Boise State picked the wrong year to schedule Wyoming. Ouch. This outcome was irrelevant for TCU, bad for Boise State.

Oregon State over Washington State (14-31): Yikes. Good thing the Beavers are on TCU's schedule too.

Georgia over Auburn (31-49): Is it just me or does Auburn just seem really sleazy? I have a feeling they have a date with destiny against Alabama AND South Carolina... and the NCAA.... and the FBI.

Cal over Oregon (13-15): Oregon sneaked one out against the Golden Bears. Dang. My favorite part was when Reese Davis mentioned how Nevada destroyed Cal before beginning the highlights during a halftime report.

Nevada over Fresno State (35-34): This game couldn't have played out any better. Fresno looked respectable and Nevada got the win to stay ranked for the after-turkey-day showdown.


Category: Not so obvious

Arizona State over Stanford (13-17): Close, but no cigar.

Texas over Oklahoma State (16-33), Kansas over Nebraska (3-20), Texas Tech over Oklahoma (7-45) & Northwestern over Iowa (21-17): The Big XII kept their at large pool attractive with no upsets today.

Ohio State over Penn State (38-14): Ohio State is going to get a BCS bid even if they don't win the Big 10. It's some unwritten law. We might as well root for them to win the Big 10 and not take up an at-large bid.

Indiana over Wisconsin (20-83): No, this is not a typo.


Category: Thousandths of Computer Points

Virginia over Maryland (23-42): Va Tech plays Virginia but not Maryland this year in the ACC.

Colorado over Iowa State (34-14): What's bad for Utah's SOS is bad for TCU. Although Utah's SOS is the least of their worries after the egg the Utes laid in South Bend.

Uconn over Pitt (30-28): Utah's SOS took a hit which will trickle down to hurt TCU just a bit. The better part of this outcome is that the Big East STILL doesn't have a bowl eligible team and they are guaranteed a BCS bowl bid. This creates controversy which is great for anti-BCS folks.

James Madison over William & Mary (30-24): Hey, the Dukes pulled one out for us. They were pretty big under dogs in this one too.

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