BlogPoll Week Ten Draft: Should Oregon be No. 1?

A victory over hapless UNLV and the resurgence of Baylor was enough to propel yet another team to vault over the Broncos. Boise State's drop also was due in large part to Auburn's rise in the human polls. Computer polls put the Broncos in third - just not the computers that count. The chaos that Bronco fans were rooting for may be the very thing that keeps Boise State out of the National Championship game. The winner of the Utah vs. TCU game will be more likely to end up in the top two of the BCS standings if they can remain unbeaten the rest of the way.

After the top undefeated teams, there are a multitude of one-loss teams that could make a claim for the Top 10. See the full version of OBNUG's BlogPoll draft after the jump and enter the conversation by stating what order you would rank the Top 25 this week.


As in past weeks, a formula that gives teams credit for FBS wins of the opponents they beat and penalizes them for the losses of the teams they lost to is used as a starting point to arrange the order of the poll. Losing to an undefeated team is akin to beating a winless opponent. Teams are then rearranged by how impressive they looked that week. As the season progresses, there will be less movement and the formula will carry more weight. The prior week's poll is not considered, and there is no provision for margin of victory. 

Does the WAC deserve to have three teams in the Top 25?  One-loss Nevada is the last team in over three-loss Illinois, Oregon State, and Florida.  Join in with your thoughts on the poll.  Who should move up?  Who should be excluded?

Oregon vs. the non-BCS

After watching Oregon pull away from USC, I was fully prepared to put the Ducks in the top spot of this week's poll. However, since the Ducks' eight opponents still only have 17 FBS victories between them, I decided to slot Oregon third. Their defense still does not look to be dominant, but their high-powered offense puts pressure on opponents to stray from their own offensive strategies in order to keep up.

Dropping the Broncos was a consideration after the defense looked less dominant, missing 30 tackles. In the end, Boise State and TCU may be the only teams that have a defense stout enough to slow down the Ducks and an offense efficient enough to keep Darron Thomas and company off of the field. This week's game should indicate which team deserves the top spot. Utah has a chance to prove they belong in the discussion, while Hawaii could play up and become the only WAC team to beat Boise State at home.

Moving Up

  • Mississippi State – Quietly putting together a nice season. Still thankful Sparty was wrong. How good would this team be with Coach Pete at the helm?
  • Baylor - The Bears are making noise for the first time in the Big XII South

Moving Down

  • Michigan State and Missouri – Suffering their first loss was bound to result in a drop in the polls, but the manner in which they lost brings question to the quality of their play up to this point.

Your turn

Leave your thoughts in the comments about how we can make this poll better. Should Oregon be higher? Are Nevada and Hawaii Top-25-worthy? Let us know.

[Note by Kevan Lee, 11/03/10 8:00 AM MDT ]

Here is your final:


Nebraska and Alabama swapped, and Mississippi State moved down a couple spots.

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