Hatemay game thoughts-NMSU edition

I  kept perspective last night while watching the game.  NMSU is one of the worst teams in CFB.  Probably 115, or so in the scheme of 120 teams.  I am keeping perspective as I bring you Hatemay game thoughts-NMSU edition.


Quarterback-  Kellen looked good.  Whats new?  I wish I could have seen him throw a few more times, but that might have made things more lopsided.  I like the Mike Coughlin  option package.  I was happy to see it on the first series.  Coughlin runs like a giraffe.  At first glance... awckward and slow, but then it dawns on one, that he is taking enormous strides.  Very deceptive runner.  NUGies.... I know that Kellen Moore is alot like a Gary Berteer.... he can't be replaced.  But I think we are in good hands when Kellen graduates.  I really like what I see in Joe Southwick.  Yes, the offense is not as complicated when he is in the game, but I like his poise.  He looks excited to be in the game.  He doesn't view it as garbage time.  He looks ready to deal, ready to do damage.  I like what is on the horizon for our quarterback.   


Running Back- I was a bit bummed that Doug Martin did not rush for 100 yards.  But he ran with his usual bad intentions.  I was very happy to see Jeremy Avery hit some holes for big runs.  Part of me feels bad that Avery came off a 1,000 + yard rushing season, only to see him be 2nd to a very good running back.  But we are a much better team with Doug Martin getting the bulk of the carries.  Kaiserman got a few good carries and I am continually impressed by what Jarvis Hodge makes of his time.  I want to see more of Jarvis Hodge.  His style is similar to Doug Martin minus the explosive step that Doug possesses. I must make it known that Dan Paul made a very un-Dan Paul like move by dropping the pass.  He did not watch the ball all the way into his hands.  He wanted to get up field before making the catch.  Oh well, it is the only mistake I have seen Dan Paul make since taking over for Richie Brockel... so I can definitely cut "Dangerous" Dan some slack.  


Wide Reciever- Good play.  Minus Austin's drop.  I prefer all our drops and miscues come against the NMSU's and SJSU's on our schedule rather than the OSU's and VT's.  Titus made some very athletic catches.  Efaw had some good moments.  Those td's should help his confidence.  I wish we could have thrown more in the 3rd quarter to Hiwatt and Burks, even if it were simple out routes, but I know Coach Pete refuses to run up the score.  I was extremely happy to see Chris Potter get a nice pass from Southwick.  I like Chris Potter.  He blocks extremely well , can serve as a reliable PR man, and was used at times last year in the Wildcat formation. 

Offensive line-  No sacks.  That is great.  We did see alot of reserves mixed in with first teamers throughout the 2nd Quarter and then of course in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  My one beef with our starters, minus Baby Huey (Nate Potter) is the size.  Is it me, or is does our O-Line need to be spending more time at the buffet?  I know, we get the recruits that fly under the radar, and work their tale off to be great.  But are we not trying to get bigger recruits for the future?  I hope through lifting and conditioning we can bulk up.   All in all, O-Line did a great job.  


Secondary-  Played well.  Not alot can be taken from this game in terms of the secondary.  Jeron Johnson had a big hit on the NMSU running back on the option play.  I am sure that Coach Yates will find something to work on in preparation for the upcoming game against Toledo. 


Linebacker-  I continue to be impressed by "The Hout."  Derrell Acrey looked dang good too.  Once again, not a lot to judge our performance when playing one of the worse teams in CFB.  I was happy to see Jason Robinson and Daron Mackey back with us. 


Defensive Line-  Shea McClellin got up on that tipped pass.  For a big man to elevate the way he did was very impressive.  Being in pads, and not being able to time things perfectly, Shea made a dang athletic play. D-line was solid.  I like what is going on with our reserves.  Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and Tyrone Crawford are playing well.  And Canadian Bacon doesn't get in the backfield too much, but the man is so big he must be double-teamed by O-lineman, which opens things up for Root, TAT, and Crawford..... not to mention any blitzing line backers.  We have reason to be excited for the future of these rising Bronco D-lineman.  


Special Teams- Good job Brotz.  I think there is a lot that needs to be worked out with our Kick off coverage.  Coach Choate needs to iron some things out, maybe change lane assignments or something.  Not sure what is going on.  But, I am not expecting us to play our best ball in October... we need to get a little bit better each game. 


Potpourri-  I was shocked to turn on the telecast and find out that Dick Tomey was doing the play by play.  I will use the words of Han Solo from Star Wars, "Where did you dig up that old fossil"?  Yes, WAC broadcasting,  where did you dig up that old fossil?  I don't pretend to be an expert in sports broadcasting, but I like my chances of calling a play by play as much as Dick Tomey's.  I like Joe Southwick.  He brings an element of playing with a chip on his shoulder.  He wants to get things done.  By no means do I not like what Kellen Moore brings.  But, I am excited to see how things will turn out with Southwick, Hendrick, or Laughrea.  I am honored to be a Bronco fan.  I don't have to worry about our Coach rebuking our obnoxious fans (if we had any) while trying to get an interview with Erin Andrews post game.  It is now time for us to look towards Toledo, and be frightful that they will come to Boise and punish us.  But, that will serve as motivation for us to prepare and have a "Vulcan focus."  Go Bronco's.

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