BCS opponents with schedule openings for the 2011 season

My first ever fanpost (sheds a small tear). A lot of the comments on Kevan's post have led me to write this because it isn't worth discussing options that don't really exist. Grouped by conference, these are teams in BCS conferences (except the Big East because, let's be honest, they aren't worth my time) who have an available slot next year according to I included independents also. Please note, since every team has a bye each year, an "open date" really means a bye on the website. After the jump I will list teams with open schedule spots and my analysis

Big 12


Pac 10

Cal (little skeptical on this one because it shows 0 scheduled ooc games so it may just be an error)
Oregon St
Washington St



Big 10





North Carolina


So, geographically, the Big 12 and Pac 10 are the closest to us, but nobody in the Big 12 has an open slot. The PAC-10 does have quite a few teams with schedule openings, and if we get something done soon, the PAC 10 schools are still flexible on dates since only the number of in conference games has been determined, not the dates or locations (announcement of football schedules is planned for sometime in November). That being said, the Ducks have LSU and Nevada ooc next year, so they won't schedule us for sure. Oregon State has BYU and Wisconsin, so they probably don't want another early season beatdown, but they are aggressive in their ooc scheduling, so it may be feasible. Arizona is a viable option, and their opening is at the end of November, so that could work great with our schedule. However, they are already @Oklahoma St, so odds of them adding another away game are probably small, so again we probably have to play at their house. Although UC-Davis would probably be better for our SoS than WSU, they are the only other PAC-10 team left on the list. If Cal really does have openings, that would probably be our best chance at a PAC-10 home and home option with us getting the home game next year.

Our remaining BCS options are few. From the Big 10, Nebraska won't meet our demands :) and Indiana is a weak team. Purdue is a little bit intriguing, but their opening is the same day as our game with Ole Miss so we'd have to move something else around. Arkansas has multiple days we could schedule with them, but I doubt we'd be able to agree to a home and home with them. North Carolina doesn't have it's ACC schedule set, so there may be some flexibility there too. BYU has lots of openings and lots of flexibility.

In a somewhat realistic but fairly perfect world, looking at those names, I would love to schedule a home and home with Cal and a one and done away at Arkansas, that would be a brutal ooc schedule, and involve two long road trips to the south, but would answer our critics if we could handle it, and I think we could. Purdue and North Carolina are also pretty good backups. BYU will probably still be somewhat down next year, but it would still be a viable option in my opinion, and give some namebrand notoriety. What are everyone else's thoughts and impressions?

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