Hatemay Game Thoughts- La Tech edition

Thanks to all the NUGies that came out and weathered the cold and wind.  Munson- it was good to see you.  Upon seeing you at the tailgate I called my PI and fired him.  Big thanks to Crissie and Mr. Crissie for putting on another great tailgate.  Glad Spay and Neuter made it from sunny San Diego for another game.


Quarterback-  Kellen looked great again.  His TD stats were a little down. but hey, he did catch a TD pass.  Let us keep perspective a little, Kellen is human, he is allowed to make mistakes.  One interception isn't the end of the world.  And the kid is 22.  We will be fine.  Kellen continued his ability to spread the wealth.  He connected with 8 different receivers Tuesday night.  With added attention on Titus Young and Austin Pettis, Moore made the defense pay with critical passes completed to Tyler Shoemaker and a large supporting class. 


Running back-  Doug Martin made some great cuts.  The LA Tech defense seemed to limit the damage caused by Martin early on, but as the game wore on Martin showed no signs of tiring (go figure, Does Doug get tired?).  Am I the only one who thinks that the Wild Avery is the right fit for Avery, and that we should see Matt Kaiserman and Jarvis Hodge in the mix a little earlier? 


Wide Receivers-  Titus looked good.  He continues to have sure hands, and looked great from my view of the south end zone as he blew past the defensive back on the play action fake 53 yard completion.  Both the throw and the catch were a thing of beauty.  Okay, I know I should cut Pettis a little slack, but the dropped passes are becoming a little to much for my liking.  Does anyone know his relationship status?  Do we need to pool money together to get him a relaxation therapist before the Hawaii game?  I think if Austin were a slouchy receiver this would be different, but he is on the verge of breaking school records... and that is no average thing.  He needs to go back to receiving 101, look the ball into his hands.  Chris Potter proves his worth with a huge grab on 3rd down.  All in all, good night from our receivers. 


Offensive line-  I think they looked a little slow early on. Lets blame it on the Tuesday night game.  Still can't be too fussy, as a team we rushed for 163 yards.  not bad.  Not bad at all.  The sack shouldn't be hung on them too much, since it was a long developing trick play. 


Defensive line-  I think our Defensive line played well.  Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe is proving that he can play with the big boys.  I like the two deep corp, all of them came up big in one way or another.  I like moving Jarrell Root and Shea McClellin out to jam the slot receiver in certain formations.  Still, we can be better, and we didn't see as much shifting as I hoped.


Line backers- played well at times, and played not so well at times.  Daron Mackey played very well filling in for the injured Aaron Tevis.  There were a few times where our LB's missed jamming the receivers at the line, and we payed for it with a completion near the goal line.  George Iloka is seen giving Percy an ear full, and it was for missing his jam on the receiver.  Basically, he let the receiver run past him completely un-molested... and we must molest the opposing recievers if we are to win against a pass happy Hawaii. 


Defensive backs-  okay, we all saw Jerrell Gavins (or is it Gibbons?)  get beat for a TD.  But we did bring the heat with no safety help and that puts our DB's in a tough spot.  If we bring that kind of heat.... the QB better be on his back.  We cannot let them throw that deep route down field.  That being said, Gavins is  good enough to be on the field and he needs to be a little bit more aware.  I think his role against Hawaii will be short field corner with Taylor in the slot manning up, and Thompson taking the wide side of the field.  I do see the possibility of us bringing in Jason Robinson or Jonathan Brown for Tevis/Percy to add more speed in the pass game.  George Iloka is a solid tackler, but our pass defense, and our tackling must improve.... all within 10 days.


Special Teams- Jimmy Pavel has some work to do.  Kellen Moore had the best punt of the night, I think he deserves more time punting until Brotzman returns.....why not?  Kick off coverage is getting worked out.  We moved George Iloka to a safety valve and we kicked it to his side every time.  Coach Choate is trying things out. Does anyone know why Doug Martin is off the kick off receive team?  Lord help the poor soul who should attempt to tackle him on a kickoff return.  You couldn't pay me enough to get in his way.


Potpourri-  La Tech head coach Sonny Dykes gets this weeks Akey award for leaving in his starters till the last play.  Someone is gonna get hurt and his QB came up limping after a last serious knockdown.  Our defense played well when it needed to by forcing turnovers on the goal line stands.  I hope this is the last Tuesday night game we ever play.  It is hard for the crowd to get into the game after working all day, rather than drinking all day, then going to the game.  Can we put out an APB for someone to run the replay screen correctly on the big screen?  How is a person supposed to see Winston Venable smash the opposing receiver when all we see is some blue turf and a referre's shoe?  Costume guys looked sharp, I heard that there is a costume arriving in time for the Hawaii game, its rumored to be a must see.  All in all Bronco fans, we have a great deal to be excited about.  Next game against a very worthy opponent who is dead set on coming in and beating us.  Coach Pete and the boys will be up for it, and I sure hope we pack the stadium for this one.  It is gonna be huge (that's what she said).  Play list for this article includes Happy, Loving Cup, and Champagne and Reefer by the Rolling Stones, and Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.

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