BlogPoll Week Nine draft: Where does Auburn belong?

Another week, another AQ team vaults over the Broncos in the BCS standings, as Auburn went to the top of the BCS on the strength of the computer rankings. Meanwhile, the Broncos remained at No. 2 in the human polls but were No. 6 among the BCS computers. Once applauded by Bronco fans for their lack of bias, the computer polls have gone turncoat, especially Jeff Sagarin who ranked the Broncos No. 1 early in the season and now has Boise State at No. 11.  Keep your enemies close, in case your friends turn out to be BAD WORDS.

Bronco fans have now turned their eyes toward TCU, fearful they will be the next team to leapfrog Boise State. It may be early to worry about TCU as long as the human polls continue to separate the two teams. Boise State has played two fewer games and some of the polls are either aggregate in nature giving TCU the temporary advantage with more games played and some calculate SOS for the entire season, including games yet to be played, so BSU will not be further penalized in those polls for playing Idaho. It is way too early to fret at what the computers are saying and it is the human voters who carry the weight in determining who will be playing in Glendale.

How will the sensible voters from the BlogPoll rank the Broncos after a bye week?  Will the emergence of Auburn and their shiny offense distract voters away from their suspect defense?  Where will the seven undefeated teams rank as one-loss power conference teams crawl back into the picture? Continue reading for OBNUG's BlogPoll Draft and share your thoughts.


As in past weeks, a formula that gives teams credit for FBS wins of the opponents they beat and penalizes them for the losses of the teams they lost to is used as a starting point to arrange the order of the poll. Losing to an undefeated team is akin to beating a winless opponent. Teams are then rearranged by how impressive they looked that week. As the season progresses, there will be less movement and the formula will carry more weight. The prior week's poll is not considered, and there is no provision for margin of victory.

For some reason, was available via my ISP this week, so I watched many more teams than normal this week. Of course that also means I couldn't find a stream of the TCU game anywhere. Despite not being able to watch TCU, they remain at No. 2 after another dominating defensive performance against a pretty good Air Force team. Thursday night was Oregon's best defensive performance, and I am now a believer that they are a top team, but they will have to wait another week before they are considered for one of the top two spots.

Moving up:

  • Auburn - Apologies to Bob Gibson for ruining his famous quote, but running quarterbacks are just like watching girls walk by - the last one you see is always the prettiest. Cam Newton is the new flavor of the month until the Auburn defense lets him down, showing him the exit in the Heisman race.
  • Missouri - The Tigers looked explosive on offense and dominant on the defensive line. Running a hook and lateral automatically moves a team up a few spots.
  • Nebraska - Not sure what to make of the Huskers. The Texas loss looks worse now, but Nebraska looked pretty good dismantling Oklahoma State.

Moving down:

  • Oklahoma - Thankfully, we will not have to listen to an offseason of Phil Steele patting himself on the back.
  • Texas - Somehow Baylor will go into next week's matchup as the ranked team.
  • West Virginia - After managing to keep the Mountaineers unranked all year, they react to breaking into the OBNUG poll by losing to Syracuse?!

Your turn

Should Baylor or any other team left off of the poll be ranked?  Where do the other WAC teams fit in the picture?  Is anyone who has actually watched the Broncos wavering on their position in the poll? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Update by Kevan Lee, 10/27/10 7:57 AM MDT

Here is the final draft of OBNUG's BlogPoll. Wisconsin is up to No. 10, and Miami and East Carolina are the last ones in.

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