BlogPoll Week Eight Draft: Is Oklahoma as good as BCS suggests?

The initial BCS rankings were released yesterday and despite early predictions, the Broncos were not listed as the top team. Instead the Sooners were ranked No. 1 and somewhere Phil Steele is smiling and patting himself on the back. If having the Broncos at No. 3 can be called a disappointment, it may be better that it happened right away before Bronco Nation's expectations rose too high. It is going to take a couple more chaotic weekends like this before Boise State can think about a late trip to Glendale.

AP writers and voting coaches must have something against dominant defenses or they can't stomach listening to even one half of a game on the WAC Sports Network. Where will the Broncos sit in what might be the only poll where the voters actually watch the games? Check out this week's draft of OBNUG's submission and give your input on how the final Top 25 should look.

OBNUG BlogPoll draft



As in past weeks, a formula that gives teams credit for FBS wins of the opponents they beat and penalizes them for the losses of the teams they lost to is used as a starting point to arrange the order of the poll. Losing to an undefeated team is akin to beating a winless opponent. The prior week's poll is not considered and there is no provision for margin of victory.

Defense wins championships and BSU and TCU have two of the best defenses regardless of conference affiliation. Boise state surrendered only six first downs to San Jose State and TCU has only given up three points in three games.

Moving Up

  • Oklahoma - Sooner opponents have a nation's best 20 combined victories against FBS competition. Much like LSU, Oklahoma has looked inconsistent, but they are undefeated against what ranks as the best competition thus far.
  • Wisconsin - Wisconsin's lone loss was to undefeated Michigan State, so does that mean these Badgers are pretty good? Tough to tell with a one-point win over Arizona State and a 13-point win over San Jose State on their resume. But for this week, beating Ohio State is worth some credit.
  • Oklahoma State - Are they the quietest undefeated team in America? Oh, sorry, didn't see you there, Missouri.

Moving Down

  • Nebraska - The Huskers' greatest strength and greatest weakness is probably freshman QB Taylor Martinez. Games like Saturday's are what can happen when you have a freshman under center. (Note: This makes Kellen Moore's freshman season all the more impressive.)
  • Ohio State - Overrated much? (It was a rhetorical question, but yes, every year, as a matter of fact.)
  • South Carolina - Exhibit A on what not to do with momentum in the polls. Also Exhibit A on how not to use timeouts in the final two minutes.
  • Arkansas - Seriously, Arkansas? Not even New Mexico State gives up 65 points in a game.

Your turn

The BlogPoll allows for reader feedback to impact the final votes, so get feedbackin'. Share your thoughts in the comments about who should be where this week. Is Nebraska being punished too harshly? Is Wisconsin for real? Is a non-BCS No. 1 and No. 2 a sign of the apocalypse?

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