Hatemay Game Thoughts- SJSU edition

Here we go with another beat down. 

Quarterback-  Kellen Moore went 14-16 for 231 yards and two td's.  And he didn't play after the half.  Wow.  Joe Southwick and Michael Coughlin need to hold on to the stinkin ball.  If I was the qb coach (and there is good reason I am not) we would have made a trip to the San Jose local hospital because we would have need to remove my shoes from both of their butts.  Gotta have ball security. 


Running backs-  Doug was Doug.  Wish I could see the numbers he would produce if he played the bulk of the game and we didn't have an absurd amount of talented running backs.  I love to rip on BYU, and their  starting running back (yawn) J.J. DiLuigi would not crack our six deep rotation at running back.  I love it.  So proud to be a Bronco, so happy to hate on that school from Provo.  Does anyone know why "Dangerous" Dan Paul was not in the starting lineup?  I don't recall seeing him take the field but I did see a few camera shots of him suited up.


Wide Receiver-  Very happy that Pettis did not have a drop.  He is a great receiver, great receivers don't drop ordinary catch -able balls.  We are great team when we utilize Tyler Shoemaker  on the slant route over the middle from his slot position.  His height and speed make us a dangerous team.  Not to mention the consistent play from Efaw and Gallarda from the TE position. 


Offensive line-  I love our big boys.  Another game without a sack, and we had over 200 yards rushing as a team.  Yes, I know we played a very bad team, but that is a good game from our big men up front. 


Defensive line-  Great physical game.  I saw some things I liked from this game.  Things that were reminiscent of the 10 Fiesta bowl.  In the Fiesta Bowl we saw Coach Wilcox use the 2, 3, 4, and 5 man fronts against Pants-Action Patterson's ball club.  Against SJSU we saw at times 2 down lineman with numerous combinations of Billy Winn, Shea McClellin, Swyk and others standing up and mixing up their alignment to confuse the offensive front .  What offensive lineman wants to see a 6' 4'' 288 lbs lineman standing up and bull rushing them?  They don't.  They don't like the twists and stunts that can create.  This gave TCU so much trouble.  I am happy that we didn't show this from the get go.  This is a good sign that Coach K is trying to get his defense to play in  crescendo.  


Linebackers-  Aaron Tevis had a great pick 6.  He has some great speed.  Happy to see Derrell Acrey continue to be in the mix.  I know that Winston Venable's numbers are down from last year, but that doesn't make him any less crucial to our defense.  He had a good sack on LaSecla and will continue to make physical plays and be a vocal leader on out team. 


Secondary-  Good game.  I don't think Brandyn Thompson is our best corner.  I think our best all around corner did not make the trip.  My personal belief is that Jamar Taylor will sit another 2-3 games then come back to his starting role.  Jerrell Gavins played well and is picking up momentum.  I like the alignment in obvious passing downs when Taylor mans up in the slot position, Gavins takes the short side corner, Thompson wide side, and Iloka goes man up, with Jeron playing free.  That allows pressure to come while having our athletic DB'S  be one on one.  I like manning up Taylor and Gavins, but Thompson scares me a bit.  Good game from our DB's.


Special Teams-  A better game than ones in weeks past, but still some things we need to hash out.  I think things will come together.  We can't and shouldn't expect to be at our best in October.  We need to have things to improve upon each week. I like Chris Potter as our return man.  Yes, he will get caught from behind, but I like his versatility, and his good decision making. He does not possess the game changing qualities that Titus Young has, but we need sure hands back there.  Potter has them.  However, when Mitch Burroughs comes back he can be a factor. I was very happy with his production before his injury.  Lets see if there is  Mitch Burroughs factor when he returns... hopefully.  


Potpourri-  The BCS blows hard.  Very hard.  Oklahoma one marquee win... against Texas.  Squeakers against Air Force, Utah State, and Cincinnati don't equal a #1 BCS ranking in my opinion.  Oh well, we can only win, and win big, and take things one game at a time.  The game turned out the way it should have, a lopsided road victory.  Defense got the shutout, no major injuries.  I bet Coach Pete is putting the fear of God (or Allah, Buddha, Mother Earth, or Chuch Norris) into those young men who think they can violate team rules and get away with it.  I am willing to wager that Coach Pete is going to have Jamar Taylor in the best shape of his life the coming weeks with all the running he is going to be doing.  I love the way Coach Pete runs things. The soundtrack for the night while writing this article includes, "Shine," Where the river flows" "Heavy" and "The world I know" by Collective Soul, and lastly a live version of "Blue on Black" by the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band.  Rock on Bronco Nation.

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