Future MWC as good as the mighty SEC?

There is a lot of talk about whether or not Boise State could survive running through a schedule if they were in the almighty SEC. The resounding answer by national pundits is NO! We all know this is a ridiculous exercise because BSU will never get that chance unless God comes down and lifts the Treasure Valley up with his mighty paws and gently sets it down somewhere in the Ozarks and then the SEC good ole boys decide, instead of thumbing their noses at the blue turf boys, to invite the Broncos into their conference. I often wonder, though, how we know that the mighty SEC really is the best conference in all the land. The most obvious answer: the SEC has won the last four national championship games (Florida 2x, LSU, and Alabama). Those teams got to the title game just by winning their conference championship regardless of their loss total (LSU had 2 losses in 2007/2008) and some are claiming a 1 loss Alabama team would deserve to go again this year over other undefeated teams.

Other than the MNC trophies won, how do we know the SEC is greatest? Answer: because they tell us so. I don't blame those southern honks for promoting their teams; in fact, the SEC is probably the nations best conference for public relations. Do the teams really prove it on the field though? Are SEC teams dominating good teams in non-conference play or do they just beat up on bad teams as a warm-up for conference play. The latter is probably more accurate. I decided to take a look the SEC's best wins out of conference: I made a list of the good teams (.500 or better winning percentage) the SEC has taken out this year. The list will change as the season shakes out, but right now it's not pretty. Unless I missed a game, the SEC has beaten 10 good teams this year (an average of .83 good wins per team) and has just 1 great win (a win over a team currently ranked or receiving votes in the AP or Coaches Poll). Here is a list of the good wins with the great win in italics:


SEC's Best Wins W L W%
LSU vs West Virginia 5 1 0.83
South Carolina vs Southern Miss 4 2 0.67
LSU vs North Carolina 3 2 0.60
Mississippi vs Fresno St 3 2 0.60
Arkansas vs Texas A&M 3 2 0.60
Mississippi St. vs Houston 3 2 0.60
Kentucky vs Louisville 3 2 0.60
Florida vs South Florida 3 3 0.50
Florida vs Miami (OH) 3 3 0.50
Alabama vs Penn St 3 3 0.50


Wow, I am flabbergasted at how well the SEC has gone out and proven itself this year. This list is phenomenal. The best win: West Virginia? Really? The West Virginia I saw make a miraculous comeback against (1-5) Marshal to win in overtime? The next best: Southern Miss, North Carolina (or 1/2 of North Carolina). The only team on this list maybe passing the eye-ball test is Texas A&M and they lost to the only two good teams they faced. Those SEC PR departments are good.

It turns out the SEC plan is to 1. schedule a bunch of patsy's and a couple of decent teams; 2. get as many teams through the non-conference schedule unscathed as possible; 3. have a bunch of teams ranked in the top-25; 4. watch them play each other and hype the games as much as possible; 5. push for the conference champion to be in the MNC; 6. hope they get to play (an overrated) Ohio State, if not, hire Harry Potter to turn Colt McCoy's arm into a spaghetti noodle in the first quarter; and 7. then tell everyone how great you are because you have won 4 MNCs in a row.

There has to be a conference out there with a better looking resume. I could have looked at the PAC-10, and I'm sure it could look better than this, but I decided to look at one I care about more as a Wyoming alumni who grew up in Boise cheering for the Broncos: the future Mountain West Conference. And assuming we are able to keep TCU from flying east for the future (crossing fingers daily), the results are favorable. Just like the SEC, the future MWC has 10 wins (averaging 1 win per team). Unlike the SEC, the future MWC has 3 great wins. Here's the list:


2012 MWC's Best Wins W L W%
TCU vs SMU 4 2 0.67
TCU vs Baylor 4 2 0.67
Boise State vs Virginia Tech 4 2 0.67
Colorado St. vs Idaho 3 2 0.60
TCU vs Oregon St 3 2 0.60
Nevada vs California 3 2 0.60
Boise State vs Oregon St 3 2 0.60
Air Force vs Navy 3 2 0.60
Wyoming vs Toledo 3 3 0.50
Boise State vs Toledo 3 3 0.50



Maybe it won't take an act of God to be in a good conference, just different colored glasses and grand theft of the SEC's PR departments.

This was my first post and I'm hoping to post again. Let me know what you think. I'd be interested to see how other conferences stack up if you have the time to do some research. I'll try to keep track as the season progresses.


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