MM's new BOW-wow stratgey...and a parable, too!


Did you get to see the USF/WV half-time spectacle of PE#1/MM and his new Mayday Minute?  While I do not want to morph into a rankled sports consumer and all-the-while being no less than a naive part-time four-letter/BW channel watcher…I felt a Bronco fan comment was in order to help counter the continued mental tangle that MM is spinning in his latest attempt to bash the Bronco football team.

His newest take blitzes through a monologue meant to at once both zipping through his given minute with magical insights in the allotted time while slipping in his next attempt to justify why the Broncos do not deserve to be voted into the NCG, even if they may appear briefly atop the BCS standings due out this Sunday evening.


Wow, MM sure puts much of his time into knocking down BSU…is the return on investment really worth it all, or will four-letter/BW execs start to shift his punditry down and away a few notches?  Okay, MM’s newest diatribe shifts away from the “can’t play an SEC schedule week-in-and-week-out” to a “body-of-work” (BOW) argument.  Specifically, that the Broncos BOW hasn’t and won’t stand up to comparison with the top AQ teams, currently ranking below the Broncos.

See what he’s doing? BOW, wow??  BOW WOW MM!!  In about 20 seconds he’s making a case that permits no rebuttal, which appears to be airtight…b/c he’s such the sudden rapid-fire expert.  I guess if you can blather faster than the next blatherer, in the eyes of the American sports viewer, that makes you king and anything you say is credible.  Maybe his argument really rests on the premise that sports is about entertainment and that at any given time most of the consuming viewers have consumed or are consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and other substances and so are in no shape mentally to consume with a critical ear what the hell MM is positing anyway!

However, basically his equation of college football supremacy is comprised of three “T”s; Talent—who you have, Team—who you play, and Tradition—how long you’ve been doing it.  He believes that the Broncs are comprised only of (brief) talent, (inferior opposition) team, and trickery (not in-your-face-fb). His whole case rests on the notion that whatever talent the Broncs have, it’s brief, a flash, honed on second-rate teams and so illegitimate and by de facto reasoning, substandard.  Not only is he spitting on the Broncos, now he’s openly spitting on every team not on his secret A-list…you know who you are.

BOW wow again, MM.  What blatant snobbery!!  You really are giving the king network of sports a bad image…for shame.  This attempt of yours isn’t sports journalism or even banal entertainment, it’s a national stage to advance your own personal and political biases, built, again, from your own history of pain and rejection from the college elites.  The real bottom line you have is that “if the big old school dogs are gonna push me down, then I ain’t gonna let some newby dog come around and look like they’re better than me by trying to push down the dogs that pushed me down, I’m siden’ with the big dogs!” BOW-wow, bow-wow, bow-wow w w w w!

BOW, my BW!!!  Your argument is basically saying that wins against bigger teams count more than wins against not-big teams.  Wins are not really wins…Really!?!  And that the Broncos wins against a few quasi-big teams ain’t really wins then.  Really?!?  Hey VT, hey OSU, how do you feel about MM saying that about you?  Agree, do you???  Anyone else want to take MM’s side when his logic knocks you off the real-win list?  That you weren’t really beaten by a quality team, you just weren’t a good enough team to play to start with!  Your not really a quality team until I say you are a worthy team.

So, if you will, MM is really arguing against the Judeo-Christian Bible…the Word of God Hisssself!  That the shepherd boy David should NOT have his fight with Goliath count as a win.  That David’s win doesn’t count b/c his BOW was only inferior wild animals...wolves and lions and bears, not 9 foot tall warriors.  That David wasn’t qualified to fight him in the first place b/c the king who decided was not computing rationally at the time so his cabinet’s desperation to send him in was a fluke of poor timing in the system.  That David used unconventional, non-traditional, and rudimentary means of combat.  David’s triumph was trickery!!!  That David, in representing the Messiah to come who would save all sinners from their separation from God, was not Supremely sufficiently equipped to battle the evil before him out of love for his king and anger at the effrontery by the lone taunting giant…

Well, MM, if you want to make that case…then you go on ahead…by yo-self.  I ain’t gittin on yo bandwagon…you are messin’ with the Almighty.  AND anyone who does that is always gonna lose. 

Hey ESPN execs, you better start doing some atoning yourselves and separate this mayday boy away from yall asap!  Or it’s likely to get hot for you reeeaaal quick (and lose a lot o bucks too).  Face it execs, MM is really reaching deep down, scraping the bottom of a disappearing bucket of arguments.  Honest Abe said it once, better than me, “you can fool some of the…CFB viewers…some of the time...”  Well, you get the idea. 

MM is outliving his usefulness by hanging on to antiquated arguments and slight-of-hand-reasoning attempts; BOW-wow, really?  Just b/c a program has been around a long time means that fresh starts, innovation on a theme, and heart don’t counter that?  There’s only ONE formula for valid success?  I can’t buy those ideas.  And,  I am not watching your broadcasts or buying any products therein b/c of any 'feisty' controversy MM tries to bring.  Please make that go away, either through repeated public apologies or termination, whichever.

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