Live from Riverside...the Diggity's edition

Back by unpopular's LIVE FROM RIVERSIDE!!!

Before we begin, I have to give a special shoutout to the Diggitys because I neglected them in the last poll/post.

Also I would like to give a shoutout to a couple of professors who lurk on OBNUG so I'm guessing they want to remain anonymous.

To begin...we're going to SPARTA!!!



You said it Leonidas



Apparently this is Sparta Ruins.



This is not Sparta...but it still is in Ruins.


  • In the meantime...More Kellen Moore statements have been popping up via B.S.Woo's fan shot.
  • Recently in Riverside there was a viewing of a person running around in a Bronco head...UCPD refused to comment on the event stating that only Vandals were affected and that's okay because graffiti levels went down.  I may or may not have been present.
  • Doug Martin had a relatively quiet game last week...Jeremy Avery did not.  And I could not see any horrible "Toledo" puns the day after.
  • The main reason why I haven't done a friendly bet with my fellow PhD friends from SJSU (for there are three of them with me here), because they know they'll lose.  That's why they stopped following football four years ago.
  • The Social Network is not just a's a way of life.  For us OBNUGgers, the Social Network is OBNUG...minus the drama (unless we get unwanted visitors).  On OBNUG you don't mind if your mom follows you...that's why Crissie's here.
  • Will the BCS computers rank us first after this week's beatdown? Who knows, the math is about at confusing as quantum. 



    No greekpadre...what the Fock are you doing!? The Hartree approximation doesn't exist in the BCS computers...or does it?
  • In response to Darth Prophet's RAS arguement, I'm going to go ahead and say this: DP? I'm pretty sure anyone can be a CFB analyst...just the more radical they are, the less people are going to listen to them (see Glenn Beck/Chris Matthews for Politics).
  • In terms of words written, this maybe my shortest post yet...or maybe not
  • PSaNYP always has some good insight on Dougie games...I would like to put in my Dougie nominee for this week: KSU vs KU played tonight (or last night depending where you are)...although it doesn't directly relate to BSU, Kudos to the Wildcats for being a stunning 5-1 so far this year...will they actually be in the Top 25 this year?
  • Living in Southern Kellenfornia (renamed after the game this saturday, thanks Mikrino), WHY IS IT STILL 85 degrees AND SUNNY? IT'S FALL!!!
  • When will we pull out our first stringers this week?
  • Just a final grad school thought for the night... Phd082109s_medium


    Why, why, WHY?!

Cheers, greekpadre

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