Coach Pete visits OBNUG headquarters (Dairy Queen)

Hello there. I'm new. Or rather, this is my first actual post. I've been one of those lurkers for the past six months or so - seems like a lot of new OBNUGgers start with a similar statement, doesn't it?

Despite the fact that I just created my account and I'm writing my first FanPost, I feel like kind of an elite member. After all, nobody else here actually works at OBNUG headquarters (Dairy Queen), right?

*crosses fingers hopefully*

Yeah, I didn't think so.

And I don't just work at any Dairy Queen. I work at the the one closest to the stadium (on Boise Avenue, across from Timberline High). As such, I was disappointed to see the Franklin store getting all the recognition in the Three Stars and a Goat for the Toledo game. Something about a candle-light vigil... I've never actually been to the Franklin store, but I heard that its kind of old and dirty. Poor place for a ceremony if you ask me.

However, its probably best that everyone keeps going there - at the Boise Avenue store we enjoy a very remote location and almost nobody visits us, so its easy on us workers. We did, however, have a notable visitor the other day.

I've been a kitchen worker since I started, but recently my manager decided to try training me up front. On my first day I only took about ten orders or so... but as the fates would have it, one of them was Coach Petersen's. And I totally botched it.

He was there with his kids, ordering blizzards. They were supposed to be smalls, but since I was new to the front of the store I rung them in as larges. He didn't say anything about the total being approximately double what it should have been if I had taken the order correctly... but when I started handing out the Blizzards he gave me a funny look and I knew something was wrong.

He was totally understanding and seemed like a really great guy. When we offered to let him keep the larges for the price of smalls, he declined saying "I don't want my kids to be mad at me when I don't let them eat the whole thing." So we had to make him wait as we made new ones.

It wasn't until after we closed that I learned Coach Pete's real purpose for visiting Dairy Queen. Heading for my car, I heard deep voice behind me.

"You're an OBNUGger aren't you?"

I quickly turned around, startled to find Pete behind me.

"Just a lurker... How did you know?"

"Oh I could just tell. Dairy Queen - OBNUG headquarters... you must be high up."

"I actually don't even have an account. Like I said, I'm just a lurker."

"No need to hide you're identity... I know who you are, Kevan Lee."

"I'm sorry, but I think you're mistaken. I don't think any of the OBNUG chairmen actually work at Dairy Queen... and if you find them at one it'll probably be that stupid Franklin one they seem so fond of."

Coach Pete chuckled. "The Franklin one? I've never actually been there, but I hear its kind of old and dirty. No, this location is remote enough that people won't stumble across it often, yet its surprisingly close to the stadium. Don't worry Kevan, I'm not angry. I think OBNUG is great - you know we put Doug Martin in as starter mostly due to your analysis? That's why I'm here, actually. I want you to look over next weeks game plan..."

"Against San Jose State? Are you really worried about that one?"

"Come now, you know better than that, Kevan. Every weeks a challenge. One game at a time. Never overlook an opponent."

Coach Pete proceeded to hand me a manila envelope with the the words 'Top Secret' stamped in red on top.

"Just post your thoughts on your blog, like usual."

"Umm... sure. We'll probably do two... one entitled 'Everything you need to know for Boise State vs. San Jose State' and one called 'Final Pregame Thoughts.'  At least, I hope we do..."

"What do you mean hope? You're not going to let me down are you? I rely on those posts you know."

"I'll make it happen."


And that's the story. So Kevan, Drew, Nick... You guys better not let me down this week. I'm depending on you. More importantly, the Broncos themselves are depending on you. Unfortunately, I lost that manila envelope, so I supposed you'll simply have to make do without. My apologies.

(Note: Most of this story is actually true. I do work at Dairy Queen and I did screw up Coach Pete's order as described)

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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