Game thoughts organized as above, no particular order within categories.


*) O-line, particularly Myers: Our O-line appears to have gelled like the outer coating on Paris Hilton's diaphragm. Seamless, we look good on the run and pick up blitz-ers like Matt Damon at a jr high mixer. Myers is an exceptionally gifted athlete, and Byrd has steadied himself so he's workmanlike to go along with his flashes of brilliance. Kellogg & Lawrence are playing near error free, assignments are obviously integrated wholesale. Potter is inching towards NFL-like playing. Good show all around what? (adopting Limey tone to keep things lively).

*) "Jon Brown's body be a-flyin' 'round the field"-really really like the look of this sinewy newcomer, killacious hits and already has the "safety" nose that Broncos know and love. Has he got game Tonto? TONTO: HMMPF! (translation:emphatic yes!)

*) Matt the K/ Drew Wright: I like the look of these two (latter sounds like something you'd buy on an infomercial). Matt is proving to be a good utility back, and when we've got one opposing D-coordinators have a lot to think about. We've got such redoubtable "straight ahead" players that when you add a guy who can go in, out, catch, toss(?-I think so)-it complicates things wonderfully (inverse ref to Boswell). Wright is on the rail (ref "Secretariat"-who was NEVER a rail runner). He'll be movin' on up (ref "The Jeffersons").


*) WE GO KOSHER: I won't be doing my Julie Andrew's "FRESH LEGS & BACON" this year, if ever(it was starting to look good). Announcers said he was in civvies on the sidelines; I wonder if they confused him with Koontz; Bacon used to have #95.It'd be a good sign if he was, maybe he could Titus-like get back. Dunno': Coach Pete sounded very funereal. Major loss IMO. He didnt get stats but after wrestling Winn for several down to have 327 lbs of quickness on a 6'0" frame come in-as Tom the Sandwichmaker says "It aint a club w/o the Bacon".

*) Toledo's 1st half drive, esp. the one to make it 15-7: I thought the interior line looked a little limp on that drive (see above-"hold the Bacon"). Plus Toledo looked very effective on that one, and they had a couple more ended with turnovers that were also very solid. Like seeing someone smelling their fingers; not specifically bad, but not a good sign. 

*) Special teams: even with 'Swyck, Hout, & Paul back on didnt seem to improve on coverage. 


*) "Halfway to heaven/with Paradis waitin'": Paradis was out at left guard with the 3rd team O-line. I must've missed that.

*) Can Chew-baki (T-n-T) fill in for Bacon? Inquiring minds want to know. 

*)Catch-as-catch-can: Everyone who caught a ball was a starter. Like to see Burks & Hiwat get in the mix Moore.

All for now; discuss amongst yourselves and post here.        

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