BlogPoll Week Seven Draft: Does Boise State or Ohio State deserve top spot?

With Alabama falling, most of Bronco Nation's eyes have turned to various polls and computer formulas to see where Boise State will rank in comparison to other top rated teams. As expected the major human polls favor Ohio State and Oregon and still show too much love for the "depth" of the SEC. A 4-2 Florida remains ranked, while two-loss Oregon State stays outside of the USA Today poll despite their two losses coming to Top Five teams on the road.

With Boise State struggling with special teams/penalties and Ohio State looking dominant, yet inconsistent, it has been a tough struggle to determine which team deserved to be ranked higher. To this point, the Broncos have been an alphabetical 2a to the Buckeyes 2b. This week Ohio State trounced a pretty good Indiana team and Boise State gave the same treatment to the potential MAC champion. Which team deserves to take over the vacated No. 1 spot?  See the full Top 25 after the jump and provide your feedback on what changes should be made.

The OBNUG Top 25 BlogPoll Draft




Ultimately I used the same system that has FlickChart telling me that Paul Blart: Mall Cop is my second favorite movie of all time. A team ranked above early stays that way until it is beat out.  That is certainly not a good way to rank teams throughout the poll, but it is a good excuse to break the tie and put the Broncos No. 1.

Now that most teams have built a resume that makes it easy to compare teams, the draft poll is heavily weighted using a formula based on how the opponents of teams fare in their other games. Opponents' victories against FBS competition help a team's ranking, but only if the team has also beaten that opponent. 

For example, Florida does not get credit for LSU's wins since they did not beat the Tigers, and Stanford does not get penalized as much for its loss to Oregon since the Ducks have yet to lose. The formula has been tweaked over the last eight years and gives credible results at season's end despite a relatively simplistic mathematical approach.  For each week's draft poll, teams are ranked 1 -120 with the formula (Idaho being the worst 3-2 team at #83) and then rearranged based on games that were watched and scores from the weekend.  In blowouts, the 3rd quarter score is used as a basis for the quality of a win to prevent a team from running up the score in the 4th quarter looking more impressive and to prevent a team that surrendered points with its 2nd team defense from being overlooked.

Moving Up:

  • LSU - They haven't necessarily won with style, but they have won them all with a little help from the Dooley 13. The Tigers' six victims sport an NCAA best 16 total victories over FBS opponents. Look for the BCS computers to love LSU next week despite the upcoming matchup with McNeese State.
  • South Carolina - I was high on the Gamecocks after watching their season-opening win over Southern Miss, then lost faith after the loss to Auburn. The rest of the schedule is favorable with a home date against Arkansas on November 6 standing in the way of Spurrier returning to the SEC championship game.

Moving Down

  • Oregon - Full disclosure: Being a Boise State fan and married to an Oregon State alum it is easy to dislike the Ducks. I thought hard on where to put then and eventually slated them several spots higher than I think they truly deserve. The Ducks don't seem to have a championship caliber defense and their six wins are over teams who have a combined six wins (and another three against FCS) against FBS competition.
  • Alabama - The major polls still have the Tide in the Top Ten. While it is likely that Alabama could still win out the rest of the way and make a statement for Glendale, right now Alabama should be ranked below South Carolina with both teams each having only one loss.

These teams keep rising up the rankings as a result of attrition.  They probably do not belong this high, but neither does anyone below them.

  • Utah - The Utes have destroyed teams the last four weeks, but the OT win over Pitt at home is looking worse and Utah's opponents only have four combined wins among them.
  • Arkansas and Iowa and Wisconsin - These are three teams that are likely better than their strength of schedule or computer rankings would indicate. Some preseason bias is still lingering to keep them at the respective spots in the poll.

Who is missing?  Several teams were considered for the 25th spot.  Virginia Tech, even at 4-2, has the most impressive victories of the remaining teams, but they also own the worst loss. NC State was the next team in line, but they just lost to the Hokies. Ultimately West Virginia was selected over other also considered teams of Michigan and Kansas State.

Share your BlogPoll thoughts in the comments, and feedback will be considered for the final version of this week's poll.

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