A few thoughts...before the Fiesta Bowl!!!

Hey gang!

With my Fred-style Scooby-Doo introduction that I just realized I wrote, I've also realized a few other things.  One of them is the fact that I have been away from OBNUG for a while seemingly still trying to get a life...yet to no avail.  So with fervent respect for anyone who cares to read this WE GO!!!

  • Sitting in Las Vegas on my parent's couch has made me realize one thing: leather is very comfortable when you're relaxed.  Lesson to be learned?  The Broncos need to be comfortable when they're around the leather pigskin...otherwise it's going to be a long night for the Broncos who may look like Arizona from a Holiday Bowl failure...
  • Speaking of the Holiday Bowl, Arizona looked like they've never played in rain or any sort of bad weather before...wierd.
  • Another note on the Holiday Bowl (Please sing to "Runaround Sue"): Arizona couldn't keep away from Ndamukong Suh oh OH OH WHOOOOOAA HEY OH OH WHOOOOOAA...
  • I really can't blame people for looking at the Fiesta Bowl as an easy win for TCU.  Why?  Look how BYU and Utah destroyed the Pac10, Wyoming encouraged another Fu-Manchu meltdown, and don't forget about AFA's heyday with a whooping on Case Keenum (6 INTs anyone?).
  • But then again, look what happened when the public saw an easy win against Boise State in the fiesta ;)
  • Emoticons are disturbingly accurate to how my face looks when I want to send a facial to someone....NOT!
  • What's with Corso?  TCU by 27? I'm starting to trust him less and less...especially of how he so accurately picked Oregon to win...OOPS!
  • Being in Mountain West territory for vacation (Vegas, SD)...I only have recieved some hostility, mostly from jealous UNLV fans who wish they could have a good team.
  • To quote Mother Superior from the Sound of Music: "Maria, You can't run from your problems, you must face them."  (Insert ridicule here for me knowing that musical so well I can quote it)  The Broncos must face their injury problems by climbing every mountain and fjording every stream.  We must follow every rainbow (especially the one that leads to the endzone) until we find our dream (which is another Fiesta Bowl win).
  • Yes I did that!  (I really need a life)
  • The way the Fiesta Bowl is playing out in my head (and maybe it's because i see the word Fiesta and see it synonymous with Tejano/Mariachi music): Austin Pettis is playing, and Kellen Moore is being scary accurate to the point where he's just toying with TCU defenders that no dramatic music can be played...only Los Dos Laredos/Acordiones by Jaime y Los Chamacos.  But Andy Dalton has a few tricks up his sleeve too...and only a Winston Venable pick (sorry K.W.) seals the win for the Broncos.
  • For any of you RvB fans out there...I want to see Billy Winn sack A.D. and tell him "You got Sarged!"
  • I leave for Phoenix on Monday...time to party
  • God may hate Iowa...but apparantly Iowa loves a recruitment letter from UIowa for Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry.
  • A quick note on the Humanitarian it just me or was it weird seeing two of BSU's opponents this year, playing each other on the blue and one winning, that wasn't BSU?  I almost felt that it would have been more fitting if they played so many OTs they forced the first tie in H-bowl history...and then Kellen Moore and Titus Young came in and scored more points then the two teams combined, and won even though BSU wasn't even playing.
  • And finally, and probably the most random of all:  How am I supposed to get a blue ten-gallon hat and a sign that I will probably steal from one of y'all's ideas on orangecircus' post, on the plane now that security is tightened again?

Well that's it for now...your view inside my random thoughts, for the last time this season unfortunately.  I've had lots of fun writing, and I hope you've had fun reading.  Now I leave an actual poll!




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