I feel ill and ashamed.

So I got back home last night. Overall, I enjoyed myself.

My impression of the fans is - there is a serious mixed bag. You have both some of the greatest fans, and some of the rudest fans.

The minority:

Some didn't trash talk Oregon - instead - they went for personal attacks. That was really the sharpest blade. I heard some clever stuff, but overall it was something lame like "$#@% the ducks!" (Like I've never heard that one before). I enjoy a good jab. Aside from that, one person behind us in the stadium was a Grade A asshole - even at the end of the game, I shook the hands of a lot of Boise fans around us, except for that bad apple. A couple of the Boise fans even agreed that he was a prick, so, while he tarnished the experience, I don't hold him as a real representative of the fanbase.

The other thing I didn't like was the glares I got when I went somewhere the next day. Older folks were far more welcoming, but those that looked to be around high school age glared at me as if I were Dr. Punch himself. I've never gone through something like that - not even in Seattle where the hate is palpable.


The majority:
Walking to the stadium, I got the chance to talk with a few students. They were just good quality people. While most tend to ignore "the guy in the Oregon Jersey", a couple people made sure I felt welcomed. Definitely the best reflection of the fan base was after the game, as I had to make the embarrassing walk of shame, down the steps, through the stadium - around campus, to my car. Why was it so bad? I was wearing No. 9 - the only thing missing was the word "Blount" on the shoulders. While nobody was happy with the reaction, people were empathetic for Oregon, and Blount himself (The guy ruined his possibly bright NFL career). Things like "That's really sad" were a common phrase.

Anyway, while trying to get out of the Southeastern side of the stadium, and having this discussion about how I believed Blount's career is done, with one of these people. I tried to lighten up the moment by acting out my shame. I covered  up the numbers as best as I could. When I took off the jersey, the whole area erupted in applause and laughter.


Though, my favorite fan award goes to this young lady. I forget the restaurant we stumbled across, but as we were waiting to get a seat, she was walking out. She looked at me and my friend and just shook her head in grave disappointment. The look wasn't just a look - it was a look that delved into our souls. She didn't say any words, she didn't make any noise. I felt like my mother disowned me through silence. She said so much, with out saying anything at all. Major kudos, to her.

The stadium:
I'll be honest. It wasn't what I expected.

First, I was amazed that the color scheme worked out. I gave that a 99% chance of failing (Though, I found out it was continually being shown on the news for weeks.) Most teams can't get the majority of their fans to wear a single color - you guys got it coordinated.

Second, while I didn't find it to be nearly as loud as advertised, but when you put it into perspective of the size of the stadium, it was extremely loud. I still will put up Autzen as being louder per person, Bronco Stadium isn't that far behind.

Third, I hate tracks around football fields. A lot.

Fourth, this might sound pety, but for me, it was a huge issue. I'm not gonna say the field is ugly (Not nearly as bad in person), but I found it difficult to watch the game and follow the ball. I don't know why, but about a 1/4 of the time when the ball was passed, I couldn't tell where it was going, or if it had been caught.


The Game:
Now the important part. Boise State is clearly the better team. The team I thought I knew, the players I've seen take over 1800 snaps, weren't there. I know the talent is there. I know what the players are capable of doing - but they just didn't have it. Oregon has a lot of wrinkles to iron out and Boise State has a couple left on the sleeve.

Tell me Oregon will give up 16 points to the Boise State offense, I'd have a big dumb grin on my face. Tell me Oregon got 6 first downs, all in the second half, I would have called you a liar. But I saw it with my own eyes.

Did I over-hype Oregon? Sept 3rd stats say "Yes". My confidence for the season is shaken. But it's only been one game against a BCS-Caliber team. I think a loss, like this, can really help Oregon. They didn't deserve to win, for how they played on the field. Boise State came ready and prepared. Oregon came in, brain dead and flatfooted. I wish we could have given Boise a better game. Even if it were a loss. I was more impressed with Masoli against USC last year - and he was fairly laughable there.

Boise State deserves a better conference than the WAC. Everyone in Oregon probably agrees with that. Hopefully MWC can soon be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

I've enjoyed reading OBNUG, and going back and forth with you guys. I've never had the intention of sounding like an arrogant, demeaning, asshat. If I have, do apologize. Kevanlee and writers have a great community. And the community has one of the best bloggers.


Good luck with the rest of the season Go Broncos and Go Ducks.

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