Non-BSU games to watch (Week 14):

It's Championship Saturday and the college regular season is nearly wrapped-up!  Will there be any more top 5 upsets? (Top 6 was impossible to claim)?  There are a few games to snore on, and then some really amazing match-ups this weekend.  Watch with me as I preview the final non-BSU games you should be watching this weekend!


  1. Thursday, December 3rd 7:00 PM - #16 Oregon State at #7 Oregon [ESPN]
    "Lay me down on a bed of Roses." The Civil War is something I pay to see every year. Luckily, ESPN has caught on to this epic battle. But this time, it's for a Rose Bowl berth. Will Oregon's Defense show up against the potent Rodgers brothers? Can OSU contain enough of Masoli and James? Don't tell my professor, but I'm skipping class tonight for this one.
  2. Saturday, December 5th 10:00 AM - #5 Cincinnati at #15 Pittsburgh [ABC]
    "Do you believe in hype?"  Cincinnati's defense has been suspect. But the same easily be said about Pittsburgh's offense. Pike and Co. will trump the Pitt D in this one. They should win by double digits.
  3. 6:00 PM - #3 Texas vs. #22 Nebraska [ABC]
    The Big 12 is just one big mess this year. Texas continues to gain un-earned accolades for beating a horrible league... closely. Yet, the BCS has turned me against wanting them to be exposed for Boise's inclusion into their big money game. Luckily, Nebraska will only be able to hold Texas so much. I expect a good stand for 2½ quarters, only to be taken apart by career boy, Colt McCoy, as he returns to his 2008 form (ie. the whole Texas rushing offense).
  4. (9:30 PM) - #1 Florida vs. #2 Alabama [CBS]
    You'll be seeing highlights and halftime discussion throughout the other games of the day. But if this game lives up to it's expectations, you'll be happy to DVR and watch it again late-night. I've never been more intrigued with an SEC Championship. Last years Alabama was very transparent, but this year... both teams seem to be. If Tim Tebow is the "X-factor" in this game, then I'm giving Alabama the nod. How did this NOT get Primetime on ABC? Oh... stupid 'SEC on CBS' contract.

Other games not making the cut:

  • Saturday, December 5th 10:00 AM - #21 Houston at East Carolina [ESPN2]
    Houston all but has this one wrapped up, but we've seen East Carolina the spoiler before (Chris Johnson.... Hawaii.... NCAA bowl record.... 408 All-purpose yards.... 41-38....)
  • 10:30 AM - Fresno State at Illinois [Big 10 Network]
    A September Fresno took Wisconsin to overtime, can a December Fresno do the same to Illinois? The Juice disappointed me last week, I'm called for the Bulldogs in the upset.
  • 1:30 PM - Arizona at #18 USC [ABC]
    How far can USC drop? Can/Will they pull an Oklahoma and be ranked out of the top 25 (my guess is no, even with a loss)? Winner gets the Holiday Bowl consolation prize!
  • 6:00 PM - #10 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson [ESPN]
    Tech blew up against rival Georgia last week, Clemson is hoping for some hangover and CJ Spiller hopes to keep the media on their twitter favorites. If Clemson wins, Cincinnati won't be very happy, as they will probably pitted with the ACC instead of TCU, who has already played Clemson.  This is the ACC, fellas. Flip a coin on this one. (PS. I love Diet Dr. Pepper)
  • 9:30 PM - Wisconsin at Hawaii [ESPN2]
    Hawaii's last year end of regular season game almost startled a Cincinatti team that had already made their BCS Bowl berth. Then, they were dismantled by Ostrich Clausen at home in the Hawaii bowl. Wisconsin has nothing to prove and will be enjoying the sun, but can a Xth-string Warrior QB take advantage of that? (answer: no)

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