OBNUG Pick 'Em - Week 14


Championship week is here. For Boise State, that means New Mexico State. Oh well. There are still a bunch of other intriguing match ups that could still have implications for Boise State. 

Also, this is the last week of the Pick 'Em contest in this format. Below I'll be explaining what we'll be doing for bowl season.

Deadline is 10 AM Saturday morning.

Bowl pick 'em

As you may have noticed, Mikrino has started a bowl pick 'em group. We will be doing the same. It will kind of be like when The Office had 2 parties. We have vodka. He has double fudge brownies...and Mikrino.


Anyways, we'll be putting up an announcement soon for the official OBNUG Pick 'Em group once I figure out what website to use. Until then, contemplate your place in the overall standings since this is the last week to make your move.

This week's games

  • #1 Florida (-5.5) vs #2 Alabama
  • #3 Texas (-14) vs #22 Nebraska
  • #5 Cincinnati (-2) at #15 Pittsburgh
  • #10 Georgia Tech (-1)  vs Clemson
  • Arizona at #18 USC (-7)
  • #21 Houston (-2.5) vs East Carolina
  • Fresno State at Illinois (-3)
  • San Jose State at Louisiana Tech (-24)
  • Wisconsin (-12.5) at Hawaii
  • New Mexico State at #6 Boise State (-47.5)
  • Tiebreaker: Total points in New Mexico State at Boise State game

Nick's pick's

  • Alabama - I have a feeling they'll get over the hump
  • Nebraska - All contingent on Suh getting pressure on McCoy
  • Cincinnati - I don't see how Pitt can stop their offense
  • Clemson - Revenge game and Spiller's last
  • USC - How are they still ranked?
  • Houston - Keenum might throw 7 TD's this game
  • Fresno State - Help a WAC brother out, Fresno
  • Louisiana Tech - A WAC team not named Boise State giving 24 points, interesting
  • Wisconsin - What QB is Hawaii on now?
  • Boise State - They have nothing left to prove so no reason to run up the score, but I don't think NMSU should score any points

Overall standings

This is the last week to contend for the overall regular season prize. You might take that into consideration when making your picks. Go big or go home. 

Weekly breakdown here

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
Mikrino 61
Mountngrown 60
Belexes 57
JasonHaberman 56
killtacular 56
LoneSausages 56
TheShrewdOne 56
Dr. Jrig 54
forum8usa 54
kevanlee 54
Mkingery 54
CaptainBronco 53
MooreWalksOnWater 53
TitoRay 53
Finloopio 52
OBNUG Intern 52
TitanBronco 52
BoiseState 51
Loque 51
Drofdarb3 49
Trek7k 48
PeaDiddy 47
BroncoFever 46
Magnanimous M@tt 45
Nick 45
StatueLeft 44
DuckCountryBSUFan 43
BroncocnorB 42
Egnowit 42
BustersBFF 39
Romaisvaje 37
BSUFlyboy 35
Crazylegs 35
divox21 34
mrefficiency 33
Busterfan 30
bsu415 29
Gobluebroncs 29
TreuBleu 29
leadtrumpetdave 25
bsudayas 23
marktgarten 22
summitkopp 22
J-Stat 21
joe bob priddy 21
MikeTheTransplant 17
Fabian Mechano Marauder Stankowicz 15
pretendhuman 15
CougarFlounder 13
jahkass 13
BoiseFanSince98 12
BSUDrew 11
duc 10
KYBronco 10
smurfturf 6
the collinator 6
earthen 5
thr04 5
broncoitis 4
csf68 4
forseyfan36 4
KyleC 4
Randeezi5 4
Banachek 3
Bronco Nation Podcast 3
MarinerFaninAZ 3
xXBroncoNarionXx 3
BNation325 3
OneTrueBlue 2
Crissie 2
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