MUNSON'S GAZETTA: Native American Influences on the 'Nug Blog Names

Among the Plains Indians a person's given or "birth" name was not generally known. Indeed,unceremoniously  addressing a male by his given name was a siginificant affront, at least a "push", possibly a "shove". 2 famous examples are Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull of the Lakotas(colloquially called Sioux, a name they detest). These were their fathers names bequeathed to them as singular honors.  An Indian would have several names related to events, attributes etc and these were not "nicknames".It is in that vein that I took to examining some of the blog names used here.

"orangecircus" is very clearly in the NA tradition. One needs to know a lot about the Broncos to get the reference. What a marvelous combination-orange, the most life-giving color, and circus, a delightful event. The very name chases the clouds away. 

FFBSU evokes the truculent demeanor of Rain-in-the -Face, who's settling of accounts with Tom Custer inspired Longfellow's poem about the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The name is similar to the Lakota's war exhortation "Hoka Hey"(loosely translated as "we are here and ready to die") Lakotas were, did-and took many with them.

"moorewalksonwater" follows more(pun!) the tradition of the Northern Cheyenne(cousins of the Lakotas) in the tells-a-story type of name. "Dances with Wolves" shows the No. Cheyennes-remember "Stands-with-a-fist"? All tribes did this but they did it more(that's 2!). Of course a name wouldn't reference a non-relative but this sounds very Cheyenne(I stole that from Idaho State; we never mention them so I thought I'd work it in).

"Mikrino"'s handle makes me think of Ten Bears of the Comanches(we're moving south). He appears in "Josey Wales" but there was a real man and I emphasize that. All warrior when it was needed, his attempt to secure the best for his people, while not as succesful as Red Cloud"s for the Lakotas, stands as a stirring example of dignity and forebearance in the face of overwhelming adversity. I sense that in Mikrino.

"Lone Sausages"-my favorite. There must be a great story behind that one. I see a large lodge(tepee) redolent of boiled meat, sweat, glistening bodies somnolent after a feast. Then the pipe is passed. Finally, the eldest rises and announces"Silence! Lone Sausages speaks!"

I wish I could do them all. But OBNUG Intern will be my last. His nom de blog with its implied subservience  summons the legendary Crazy Horse himself. Crazy Horse wore no war bonnet, very little paint, did not even participate in the Sun Dance. First to starve, last to eat, he was the exact opposite of a western commanding officer. In fact he did not command at all; he led by example and there has never been a finer one in the history of armed conflict. "Brave hearts follow me!" Intern's self-effacing but always reliable service makes me think of that great Oglalla. 

Thus I end by asking that the Everywhere Spirit hear me, bless and keep safe our Broncos, you and yours, me and mine.  

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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