OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest - Week 8


I was out earlier this week with "flu-like symptoms," however I feel like I'm on the upswing now. Thanks to Kevan for putting together the results post. As a thank you gift, I will drop his lowest score on the final tally.

If you're new, check out the rules. Otherwise, join me after the jump for your chance at winning free Baja Fresh by picking winners in this week's CFB games.

This Week's Games

What a boring week. No wonder Gameday is going to Provo. There aren't any other intriguing match ups on the schedule.

  • #8 TCU (-1) at #16 BYU
  • #1 Florida (-22) at Mississippi State
  • #3 Texas (-14) at Missouri
  • Oregon State at #7 USC (-19.5)
  • Louisiana Tech (-1.5) at Utah State
  • Idaho at Nevada (-12.5)
  • Fresno State (-25) at New Mexico State
  • #4 Boise State (-24) at Hawaii
  • Tiebreaker: Total points in Boise State at Hawaii game

Nick's Picks

Wow, I've been terrible this year. I'm blaming it on the flu. It was so much easier last year when I was just competing against myself.

  • BYU - This is BYU's Super Bowl! Or something like that...
  • Mississippi State - Maybe Florida just can't blow out teams like last year?
  • Texas - 2 straight losses by Missouri doesn't bode well with me
  • USC - I don't think USC will have a let down at home. I think they're saving it for Autzen
  • Utah State - Based on weather alone
  • Idaho - Something crazy is going on this year and I'm not afraid to ride its coattails 
  • Fresno State - They seem to play well when nobody cares about them
  • Boise State - Trips to Hawaii scare me, but they scare me less when facing seventh-string QB's.
Last week: 3-6
Overall: 25-35-1


Here are the up-to-date standings through Week Seven. Keep up the good work, guys.

Week by week breakdown here.

OBNUG Commenter Correct Picks
TheShrewdOne 33
Mikrino 32
Mountngrown 32
Belexes 31
JasonHaberman 31
Loque 31
LoneSausages 30
Mkingery 30
CaptainBronco 29
BroncoFever 28
BustersBFF 28
Dr. Jrig 28
Egnowit 28
Finloopio 28
killtacular 28
OBNUG Intern 28
TitoRay 27
forum8usa 26
Magnanimous M@tt 26
PeaDiddy 26
TitanBronco 26
BroncocnorB 25
Busterfan 25
kevanlee 25
BoiseState 24
divox21 24
Drofdarb3 24
Trek7k 24
Nick 23
MooreWalksOnWater 22
J-Stat 21
StatueLeft 19
DuckCountryBSUFan 18
Crazylegs 17
MikeTheTransplant 17
Fabian Mechano Marauder Stankowicz 15
pretendhuman 15
BSUFlyboy 12
BSUDrew 11
bsu415 10
bsudayas 10
duc 10
jahkass 10
Romaisvaje 10
TreuBleu 10
BoiseFanSince98 7
mrefficiency 7
KYBronco 6
smurfturf 6
earthen 5
thr04 5
broncoitis 4
forseyfan36 4
Gobluebroncs 4
KyleC 4
Randeezi5 4
Banachek 3
Bronco Nation Podcast 3
CougarFlounder 3
MarinerFaninAZ 3
xXBroncoNarionXx 3
summitkopp 3
OneTrueBlue 2
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