OBNUG BlogPoll Week Seven: Why does "winning pretty" only apply to the Broncos?

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Bronco Nation is a buzz following the release of the initial BCS rankings for this year.  A mere four days after divorcing ourselves from the polls and the concept of "winning pretty", the BCS formula spits out a No. 4 next to Boise State.  All is well once again in Bronco land - or is it?

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Boise State is held to a different standard than other high ranked teams when it comes to the beauty pageant of polls and the BCS.  Mark May and others from the four-letter continue to spew propaganda about a "less than impressive win" against Tulsa.  Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit saw the performance fit to drop the Broncos to 12th in each of their polls.  Fowler's is the most curious ballot as he vaults Oregon to #7 during a bye week while Boise State slips three spots to #12.  Even Scott Wolf viewed the turmoil of the weekend as reason to move the Broncos up in his poll.  (I can't speak for the rest of his choices however)  Perhaps it is time to consider all of ESPN for Public Enemy #1.  Their credit for introducing Kyle Wilson to the Broncos has been all but spent.

Teams like Florida, Texas, USC, and even BYU got a free pass from voters (and from the officials in the case of Florida) following their close victories.  For this week's BlogPoll, I once again used a formula as a starting point and then rearranged teams to account for head-to-head matchups and some minor consideration for common opponents.  Realizing that a simplified box score does not tell the whole story, even more weight is placed on mere wins and losses with less emphasis on scoring margin.


Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Texas
4 Boise State 1
5 Iowa 1
6 Southern Cal 1
7 TCU 5
8 Cincinnati 5
9 Oregon
10 LSU 1
11 Georgia Tech 4
12 Virginia Tech 8
13 Miami (Florida) 3
14 Oklahoma State 4
15 Pittsburgh 4
16 Penn State 1
17 West Virginia
18 Houston
19 Ohio State 11
20 Wisconsin 4
21 Kansas 7
22 Arizona
23 Notre Dame 3
24 Auburn 8
25 Brigham Young 2
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Nebraska (#21), South Carolina (#22), Michigan (#25).
Also Considered: Michigan, Central Michigan
  • TCU and Cincinnati are the big movers at the top of the draft poll this week. It is possible that comments from the ONBUG community will move them back down.
  • Houston returns, shaking off some of the memory of that bad loss to UTEP, but enough imagery lingers to still rank them below Oklahoma State.
  • West Virginia debuts for the first time this season. Not sure why they are all the way up at #17, but it was difficult to find teams for the bottom half of this week's poll.
  • Four teams with only one loss remain unranked. Does anyone think Central Michigan, Idaho, Utah or South Florida should be ranked? Utah and South Florida both count their only loss to a highly ranked team, however, the ten teams they have beaten only have six (6) FBS victories combined.
  • I had considered leaving BYU, with only one loss, out as well. The Cougars six wins come against teams that have a combined seven (7) FBS wins of their own. Couple that with a home loss to a 2-4 Florida State team and I am not sure BYU is top 25 worthy.
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