Moore for Heisman? Why not!

Really?  Is it too soon to talk about Kellen Moore in the Heisman race?  Should we talk about it at all this year?

My (useless) thoughts and analysis after the jump!  (weeeeeeeee)

My thoughts about Kellen Moore in the Heisman race have been laying low for quite awhile, specifically September 20th, 2008, when we realized that we didn't have something good; we had something goooooood.

Yet, I know that the time is not right to throw him into the Heisman race until a Junior or Senior year, when he'll win flat out with no competition.  Then I saw this.

Specifically #4, Tony Pike.  I didn't start thinking about this until I heard Scott Van Pelt go googly-eyes over Cincinnati on last Thursday's show.  I was immediately dumbfounded.  Doesn't Cincy and Boise have two common opponents?  This got me to thinking about their other opponents.  Surely they must have had better competition to warrant an SVP meltdown over a team playing from the Big Least Easy East.  These thoughts brought me directly to a QB comparison between Tony Pike and Kellen Moore.  Thus, a research was born:

Both Boise State and Cincinnati have had common opponents in Fresno State and Miami(OH).  In both cases, Boise took care of business, defeated Fresno's attempts to make it a game by 17 points and shutting out the Redhawks by 49 points.  On counterpoint, Cincinnati pulled out a win vs. Fresno by 8 points and defeated Miami(OH) by 24 points, having had the game within 10 points with 5 mins left in the 3rd quarter.

But what about their other opponents?  Side-by-side stacked comparision:

  • Boise over [#13] Oregon (5-1) by 11, Cincy over Oregon State (4-2) by 10
  • Boise over Bowling Green (2-4) by 35, Cincy over Rutgers (4-1) by 32
  • Boise over FCS UC Davis (2-3) by 18, Cincy over FCS SE Missouri (1-5) by 67

So, where are the big wins Cincinnati has over Boise States wins?  Nowhere.  In fact, we could probably agree that is why Boise State is ranked ahead of Cincinnati.

But the Heisman isn't a race of teams, that typically would be left to playoffs where they to exist.  So, all wins being equal between the two teams, what about the quarterback comparison?  Well, let's see:

Quarterback Rating Leaders
RK 1 Jimmy Clausen COMP PCT 67.6 YDS 1544 Rating 179.3
RK 2 Kellen Moore COMP PCT 69.2 YDS 1217 Rating 175.3
RK 3 Tim Tebow COMP PCT 65.5 YDS 777 Rating 165.9
RK 9 Tony Pike COMP PCT 66.7 YDS 1493 Rating 159.9

Then came the epitome.  Why are we belaying the Moore for Heisman campaign?  If Tony Pike is getting 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place votes for what he has done thus far, why not Kellen Moore?  He's only gotten one 5th place vote (for the 2nd time, he received a 5th place vote in Week 3 as well).
You can't use the weak opponent argument, because well.... Cincinnati has the same issue.

The only thing I can think why Tony Pike is getting more votes is because Cincinnati has had to play closer to their opponents, thus, Tony Pike had to be the one player to pull them out of potential losses. Whereas, Boise State is a more "all-around" team where Kellen Moore doesn't have to work as hard. This lead me straight back to QB ratings...

Maybe it's the Blue and Orange Kool-aid (doesn't that make an ugly brown?) I've been drinking. But I'm trying to rationalize with a partial mind and just can't see it.

One last thing.  Don't let me take anything away from what Tony Pike is doing. I don't mean to say he isn't deserving of where he is. But I would think that Kellen Moore should be just as, if not, Moore (heh..) deserving than Tony Pike's favor in the Heisman voting.

So, what are you thoughts?  Answer the poll and give me your thoughts.  I'll go back to studying for an exam that I have to take while I miss the game tomorrow ( #@$%$W$& ... CURSES!!!!).

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